What is Pirates against Piracy?

As part of Seton Hall University’s efforts to educate the community on the dangers of pirating media, the Pirates against Piracy campaign is a comprehensive website where you can learn why piracy is illegal, as well as the other dangers illegal downloading and file sharing can present to you and your digital community.

We live in a digital age. YouTube and iPod are now household words, and the face of the music industry has changed tremendously over the past few years. It is now easier than ever to download music off the Internet and share it with friends, family … even people we don’t know. In fact, it is so easy that it seems like everyone is doing it with seemingly little to no consequences.

Unfortunately, this is not the complete truth. Not only is piracy illegal, it is unethical. And it could also cost the University and you personally millions of dollars. Read up on the cases that have gone to court and its easy to see that downloading a few songs is not worth a million-dollar lawsuit.

Illegal file sharing or downloading is a violation of the University Community Standards. Community Standards #21 speaks directly to these types of violations. Please become familiar with the Community Standards.

So know the code and avoid the trouble before you get caught.

Be a PIRATE… against PIRACY!

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