Med+Quick: A RHIO Integrated Hybrid Urgent Care Model

Paul Austermehle, PA-C, MHA – Seton Hall University College of Arts & Sciences

Med+Quick offers a remedy for the lack of adequate healthcare provider resources in the U.S. healthcare system that is projected to worsen resultant to changes in federal healthcare policy as codified in the PPACA (2010). After examination of the ramifications of this statutory driver of change, deliberated in juxtaposition with a projected shortage of physicians over the course of the next decade, the need for an innovative means to assure access to high quality and cost effective urgent and primary medical care is elucidated. This issue is addressed through creation of a novel integrated acute care services delivery model that is constructed within the parameters codified in the HITECH Act (2009).

This network based model facilitates access to high quality evidenced-based acute care/occupational medicine services through deployment of mid-level providers remotely collaborating with physicians utilizing Health IT systems. The model exemplifies a healthcare services delivery mechanism that can minimize incurred costs while ensuring quality and concomitantly defragmenting care through participation in a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Site location is determined utilizing a Geographic Information System (GIS) to identify populations lacking timely access to acute care services combined with governmentally derived regional demographic and economic data. Additionally local market and organizational SWOT analyses are conducted to develop appropriate implementation strategy, understand market challenges, and develop potential future model applications.


Med+Quick Hybrid Urgent Care


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