Wednesday, April 12 12:00 – 2:00 PM Main Lounge, University Center

Philip Paragas, RN, Stephanie Rigor, Rachel Sabatura, B and D Scholars, Aleena Paragas Samantha Quevedo , Rebecca Rondinella, Undergraduate Students, Mary Ann Scharf, Ed.D, RN, Maria Serrano, MSN, RN, Kathleen Sternas, Ph.D, RN, Faculty , Seton Hall University

Nursing students and faculty participated a study abroad educational opportunity in the Philippines in January 2011. This opportunity was a collaborative endeavor between the College of Nursing, University of the Philippines and the College of Nursing, Seton Hall University. Fifteen nursing students, two Clinical Nurse Leader graduate students, an RN to BSN student and 12 undergraduate nursing students participated. Seton Hall University nursing faculty organized the study abroad program in collaboration with the Deans of the two Universities. The objectives for the study abroad experience were: to explore community health nursing in urban and rural settings; and explore cultural experiences in the Philippines. Students learned about the health problems and health care delivery system in the Philippines.

This symposium focuses on students’ research on health problems in the Philippines. Through a B & D scholarship or independent study experience, students further investigated selected health problems in the Philippines and researched the problem from a global perspective. Health problems addressed in this symposium are: dengue fever, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malnutrition. Prevalence of the health problem, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment strategies were researched.

Presentations will focus on: Further Study of Dengue Fever, Stephanie Rigor, B&D Scholar; Malaria in the Philippines and as a Global Health Issue, Rachel Sabatura, B&D Scholar; HIV/AIDS as a Global Health Problem: HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, Philip Paragas, RN, B&D Scholar. Students will present on: Tuberculosis as a public health issue in the Philippines, Aleena Paragas; Differences between dengue fever and malaria, Samantha Quevedo; and Malnutrition as a global health problem, Rebecca Rondinella.

Students and faculty participating in this study abroad experience will present on their healthcare and cultural experiences in the Philippines. Additional student participants included: Isa Bacardi, Kaiann Chu, Peta Kaye Johnson, Mohini Patel, Jessica Shremshock, Christopher Weathers, Undergraduate Students, and David Darius, Ron Reda, Serge Wandji, Clinical Nurse Leader, Graduate Students.

Through students exposure to global health problems, students have a better understanding of health care problems and interventions utilized to solve these problems in different countries.

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  1. Mikey says:

    1969-1970, 18 mos. in the Philippine Islands, Subic Bay, San Miguel, and a short stay at Clark AFB. I’m the only one in the family who has had Cancer twice, one Aneurysm, three stents and one aorta graft..been informed by the doctor that the heart is strong, however, I do face an aortic “arch” aneurysm at this time..My doctor sent a memo stating that the cancers were possibly caused by exposure, and should be considered.. Military bases left a lot of waste behind which can and possibly did health damage to people in and around these areas…Our military dumped toxic waste into the waters of Subic Bay, and left various 55 gal. drums in shallow land fills, allowing waste to seep into the ground and into streams, water which was consumed by the Philippine people as well as our Veterans…VA continues to delay dealing with the health issues of their very own Veterans…Good luck to you and to the people who have been effected by their negligence..

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