Meet the New Director of the Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute

As the new Director, I write to introduce myself and share with you some initial thoughts on the direction of the Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute (NSRI) and future programs.

Since 2005, the NSRI has provided timely leadership and financial workshops for nonprofit and corporate executives, and board members. The Institute has also held informal gatherings to ensure dialogue and success among the leaders of nonprofits.

These programs remain the focus of the NSRI, with the addition of strategic and pragmatic approaches that respond to an evolving environment. The Institute will help groups ensure the sustainability, growth and new models for our 21st century nonprofits.

Some topics for programs — and potential discussions for this blog — include:
identifying and preparing leaders for the nonprofit sector;
renewing outdated business models;
cultivating innovative thinking;
implementing change that sets a nonprofit apart;
fostering adaptation and agility.

Many of these issues are at the heart of executive directors’ concerns today and frequently are the core of discussions within my consulting practice, OMG! Organizational Management Group. As a consultant, I help organizations address operational and management issues, including developing organizational assessment; strategic resource allocation; mediating and negotiating business relationships; coaching nonprofit start up operations and leadership training. Earlier in my career, I served as Vice President of Operations and Real Estate at the New Jersey Performing Art and as Director of Operations at Liberty Science Center; thus I share the hands-on perspective of nonprofit colleagues.

Having taught at NSRI since 2005, I worked closely with the recently retired Director, Barkley Calkins, on curriculum, programs and training within the nonprofit sector. I thank Barkley for his leadership and guidance and am thrilled to move ahead as leader of an Institute that itself will embody the change it seeks to evoke in the nonprofit world.

Please contact me with your feedback on timely issues that, from your seat in the nonprofit sector, you suggest as appropriate for greater exploration at the NSRI.

Audrey Winkler
(973) 761-9734


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