Montclair – Immaculate Conception

By | November 3, 2011

Immaculate Conception church was opened in 1909. The church is a basilica with a long, vaulted porch. The style is early Italian Renaissance. The exterior is finished with granite, light brick and terra cotta trimming, with a roof of red tile.

The tall campanile resembles the “La Giralda,” the Moorish tower of the cathedral of Seville.

The interior columns of Siena marble form nine domed bays on each sideo f the church.

Rev. Josef Mendl, was pastor while the church was planned and bilt. He died two years before it was opened. Father Mendl has served as a chaplain in the Imperial Austrian Army.

The stained glass windows, by Franz Meyer of Munich, were installed in 1914.

Interior picture:

Immaculate Conception Building History

1909 -
  • Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival
  • Specific Notable Works of Art:

    Columns – Siena marble

  • Fabricator of Windows: Franz Meyer
  • Current Status: In use

The church was restored and renovated in 1995, with the aid of a grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust.

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