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Jersey City – St. Boniface

St. Boniface was established to serve the once-flourishing German community of downtown Jersey City. A modest-sized, simple, and attractive Gothic Revival building, the church was opened in 1866.

In 1894, a new main altar was erected, and, in 1896, magnificent stained glass windows fabricated by the Tyrolean Stained Glass Company of Innsbruck, Austria, were installed. Steeples were added to the facade in 1897 but, due to structural problems, the upper portions were removed in 1928. In 1897, bells from a manufacturer in St. Louis, Missouri, were placed in the steeples.

The church was redecorated in 1900 and a new communion rail was placed in the church in 1903. In 1913, the church was again redecorated and electric lighting replaced the original gas lighting. Further redecoration took place in 1938 and 1955 but the church retained its original appearance until it was closed in 2006.

About The Building

Architectural Style

  • Gothic Revival

Fabricator(s) of Windows

  • Tyrolean Stained Glass Co., Innsbruck, Austria


  • St. Louis MO

Current Status: Closed

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Commentary: In 1996, St. Boniface became part of the Parish of the Resurrection. In 2006, the church was closed. Its stained glass windows have been repurposed and restored and now are in a mausoleum in Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City

Year Opened: 1866

Year Closed: 2006


  1. Joe Mann
    Joe Mann October 18, 2021

    For those interested, St. Boniface’s parish records were microfilmed/digitized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are available for free on the FamilySearch website: Here is the catalog link:

  2. Laura
    Laura February 13, 2021

    Dear Madame/Sir,

    My name is Eva Corodan, I’m from Romania,I was born in 25.02.1955. My grandmother, Maria Ludescher (hungarian and german) and my grandfather Matias Brendli, were emigrate in the United States in 1910. In 12.12.1910 ( Manhattan, New York, United States) they got married. In 17.09.1911 was born their first child, Michael Brendle, who was christened in Saint Boniface-Catolic, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey. The second child, Maria Brendle, my mother, was born in 22.12.1912. She was christened at the Saint Boniface as well as her brother. They were in the United States aprx. 8 years, they came home to visit their family in Hungary in 1917-1918, I don’t know for sure. Because of the First World War they could not travel back at The United States.
    I would like to find out, if it’s possible somehow, in the 7 years when they lived there, what was their profession, how they lived or there was something left of them. Any information is good and important for me, so I would be grateful if you could help me somehow. Another important question is whether I would be entitled to american compensation after my mother, because for political reasons they were deprived of their rights and they could not came back in the United States.

    Here is all the information I know about:

    Mátyás Brendli
    (Hungary Barlafalu)
    Date of arrival: Mar. 19.1910
    Age at Arivel:24 y
    Marital Status:Singur
    Ship of Travel:Saxonia
    Port of Dep. Fiume
    Manifest Line Nr: 0025

    Maria Ludescher
    (Csanalos Hungary)
    Date of Arrival: Dec. 09.1910
    Age of Arrival: 22 y
    Gender: Female
    Marital Status: Single
    Ship of Travel: Pannonia
    Port of Dep. Fiume
    Man. line number: 0014

    Matias Brandli
    Event Date: 12.Dec.1910
    Event Place: Manhattan New York
    Sex: Male/Age 25/Single/Rose White
    Birh Year: 1885 Hungary
    Father’s Name: John
    Mother’s Name: Maria Mutter

    Spouse’s Name: Maria Ludescher
    Spuse’s Sex : Female
    Spuse’s Age: 21
    Spouse’s Marital Status: Singel
    Race: White
    Birth Year: 1889
    Spouse’s Dirthplace: Hungary
    Spouse’s Father’s Name: Anton
    Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Elisabeth Kern

    1. Michael Brendle
    Mother: Mary Luthesher
    Father: Matias Brendle
    Birth: 15.Sep.1911
    Baptism: Saint Boniface – Catolic,Jersey City Hudson,New Jersey 17.Sep.1911
    2. Maria Brendle
    Mother: Maria Ludescher
    Father: Mathias Brendle
    Birth: 22.dec.1912
    Baptism: Saint Boniface-Catolic,Jersey City Hudson,New Jersey United States 1.Jan.1913

  3. Melissa Pierre
    Melissa Pierre January 13, 2021

    You can get any records or information from the office at 201-434-8500

  4. Robert Wister
    Robert Wister April 11, 2020

    You may contact the archdiocesan archivist, Brianna LoSardo at 973-761-9126.
    Better, in this time of chaos, email at

  5. Elaine McDowell
    Elaine McDowell April 11, 2020

    Hello. Could you please tell me where the records for Saint Boniface are stored now that the church has closed?

  6. Elaine McDowell
    Elaine McDowell April 11, 2020

    Hello. Could you please tell me where the records for Saint Boniface are stored now that the church has closed? I am searching for my grandfather’s baptismal record from 1909, his brother’s from 1895, christening records for the children in between those years who were baptized but did not survive. I also believe that my great-grandparents were married there in 1894-1895. Also, would a record be available showing the funerals for my great-grandparents, which were conducted at St. Boniface? This church provided so much spiritual sustenance for them. Could you please tell me where to address my questions? thank you so much.

  7. John ONeill
    John ONeill September 10, 2019


    I am trying to confirm if my great, great uncle was the pastor of St. Boniface in the early 1900’s He was Bernard Terwoert. He would have been my Great Grandmother’s brother and was born in Germany.

    Thank you

    John O’Neill

  8. Yesica arbaiza
    Yesica arbaiza July 18, 2018

    Necesito saber como obtener la fe de bautismo de mi hija .

  9. Steve Bartley
    Steve Bartley June 15, 2018

    Baltimore German Language Newspaper- Der Deutsche Correspondent
    Nov 15, 1870 pg2 announced a new pipe organ for St. Boniface Church, built by the famous Baltimore organ builder August Pomplitz.
    A few details are given. 24′ tall x 17′ wide x 10-1/2 deep, 18 registers, 2 keyboards, pedal board of 2 octaves of keys. Pomplitz came to Baltimore, from Germany, in 1851-52 and set up shop at E Pratt St & Albermarle st. His many organs were built primarily for Maryland installations, towns in the south and west of the US. It is unusual for a New Jersey church to have purchased one, though it may have been through a German connection. Pomplitz organs are known for their bright and powerful tone.

  10. Gloria Wulffen
    Gloria Wulffen March 12, 2018

    I need my marry certificate I was marry on 01-11-1975

  11. Nilda Sanchez
    Nilda Sanchez February 28, 2017

    Hi my daughter was baptized at St. Boniface in 1989. I missed place her baptism certificate. I need to know where I can get a copy of her Baptism Certificate..

  12. Ruth Nees
    Ruth Nees September 9, 2015

    I am trying to find a record of my great-grandparent’s marriage. I believe two of their children were christened at Saint Boniface, in 1876, and I know they were married in 1866, the year the church opened. Can you tell me where the records from the church are now stored, and how I can find the information I am looking for?

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