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Jersey City – St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Parish was established in 1859. The first church, “Old St. Mary’s,” was dedicated in 1862 and consecrated in 1888. In 1901, a tornado destroyed the church. The lower church of the present structure was dedicated in 1903 and the present edifice completed in 1924.

It is constructed with light yellow brick, terracotta, and limestone. The Rectory is built into the northern end of the church.

About The Building


  • Schiekel and Ditmars, NY - Lower Church
  • Robert Reilly - Upper Church

Architectural Style

  • Romanesque
  • Gothic Revival

Interior Designer(s)

  • Gonippo Raggi and Sons
  • James Hall & sons, masonry; Keary Brothers, carpentry

Fabricator(s) of Windows

  • Calvert, Herrick and Riedinger

Notable Works of Art

  • The altar is decorated with marble and glass mosaic and includes a bronze tabernacle. The canopy is glass mosaic dome with polychrome marble pillars. The walls are decorated with life-size paintings of Twelve Apostles. The baptistery is decorated with a Byzantine-style fresco of Baptism of Christ by Joan Cunningham, Syracuse, NY.
  • Organ by George Jardine and Sons


  • The granite basement lower church was completed in 1902. The light yellow brick, terracotta, and limestone superstructure was dedicated in 1929. The Rectory is built into northern end of church. The renovations of 1936 were under the direction of Censullo-Burke Construction Company, Union City, NJ, with Robert Reilly as supervising architect. The interior has pillars of gray limestone. The altar and tabernacle were reset by Rambusch Decorating Company, NY. All decoration was done by Gonippo Raggi and Sons.
  • 1887: Interior renovated and exgterior red brick painted light gray with trimming of brown.

Current Status: In use

Current Owner and Use: In 1997, St. Mary's Parish became part of the Parish of the Resurrection.

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Year Opened: 1903 - lower church; 1924 - upper church


  1. Nancy Borchers
    Nancy Borchers June 24, 2020


  2. Rita R.
    Rita R. January 2, 2018

    In 1910 was there a orphanage next to St. Marys Church myMother was there? My Mother is there &I in the 1920 census

  3. Rita R.
    Rita R. January 2, 2018

    In 1910 was there a orphanage next to St. Marys Church myMother was there?to St. Marys? My Mother is there &I in the 1920 census

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