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Jersey City – St. Aedan’s

The parish was founded in 1912. The present church was completed at a cost of $1 million in the depths of the Depression, the impressive St. Aedan’s Church sits on the highest point in Jersey City. The Romanesque structure has a Byzantine character as well. In addition, the influence of Art Moderne and Art Deco is evident in details of the exterior facade and the interior appointments. The interior, although dark, glows with magnificent mosaics.

Fortunately, the church has not been renovated and it preserves its original and spectacular character.

It now serves as the Collegiate Chapel of St. Peter’s College, maintaining many parish functions and activities.

About The Building


  • Edward A. Lehmann

Architectural Style

  • Romanesque
  • Art Deco
  • Art Moderne
  • Byzantine

Interior Designer(s)

  • Ilario Panzironi
  • Bruno di Paoli


  • 15 bells made in Canada; 90 to 600 lbs; installed 1947

Notable Works of Art

  • Mosaic canopy over altar Mosaic Stations of the Cross Mosaic Chapel of St. Joseph Mosaic portraits of Saints

Current Status: In use

Current Owner and Use:

St. Peter's College, Jersey City NJ St. Aedan's - The St. Peter's College Church

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Year Opened: 1931

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