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Newark – Immaculate Heart of Mary

The old church was originally the South Baptist Church, then the Fifth Baptist Church. It was built by German immigrants in 1858.

In 1928 it became St. Joseph’s Church to serve a growing Spanish (Galician) and Portuguese population. In 1965, the name of the parish was changed to Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The layout of the church is a spread cruciform with a half-circle at the front that serves as the sanctuary. All the pews are angled to face the central altar. The entry is a Spanish-style portico, a triple arch trimmed in limestone. Above the portico there is a limestone tower that incorporates a mosaic of the church’s patron, the immaculate Heart of Mary

Of great interest are the “catacombs” under the former St. Joseph’s Church.



About The Building


  • Gerald Oakley

Architectural Style

  • Modern
  • Postmodern

Current Status: In use

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Year Opened: 1966


  1. Robert Wister
    Robert Wister April 11, 2020

    Sorry, but I don’t know.

  2. William Noviello
    William Noviello April 11, 2020

    What are the names of the saints inside the church? Thank you

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