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River Edge – Saint Peter the Apostle

Originally built as an “auditorium church” in 1952, Saint Peter’s has been transformed into a magnificent postmodern church building. Over the years there were a series of renovations but finally in 1999-2000, after an extensive renovation, a new church appeared. Anthony Genovese was the architect and designer of the “new” church that includes a new entrance and bell tower. Genovese incorporated many elements from previous renovations of the church.

For an excellent “church tour” that includes a liturgical, architectural, and theological explanation of this transformation, see

About The Building


  • Fanning and Shaw
  • Anthony Genovese

Architectural Style

  • Modern
  • Vernacular
  • Postmodern

Interior Designer(s)

  • Anthony Genovese

Fabricator(s) of Windows

  • 2000 - Benoit Gilsoul
  • 1960s - Heimer
  • 1960s - Simon Bertaluce


  • 1899 - Meneely - 1100 lbs

Notable Works of Art

  • 1968 - Seat of Wisdom - Ferdinando Stuflesser in Bolzano, Italy - restored in 2000. 1981 - Etched glass doors depicting scenes from the life of Saint Peter. The doors, commissioned for the church in 1981, were the last work of Charles Vukovich of Maywood. Crucifix - designed by George Atzori; cast by Joseph Zaky

Current Status: In use

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Year Opened: 1952

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