North Arlington – Our Lady Queen of Peace

By | December 16, 2011

The church is inspired by Georgian Colonial patterns. The exterior is faced with Briar Hill stonework and limestone trim.. The interior is dressed with a coffered , slightly vaulted ceiling and Irish chandeliers.

The drama of American Catholicism has been re-enacted throughout the church by its noteworthy stained glass windows, executed by Harold and Viggo Rambusch.

The windows of the church were designed to compliment the architecture. Traditional windows of full colored leaded and stained glass would not be suitable in this interior where the delicate decorative detail is enanced by soft luminous light. The subjects are developed in a monochromatic scheme enriched with accents of pale gold stain. Each decorated pane is a unit set directly in the wooden mutins, preserving the architectural character of the exterior.

The twelve great windows in the nave set forth the contribution Catholics have made to the formation of life on this continent and to the history of our nation. Secondary subjects give added significance to this theme and provide inspiration for patriotism founded in faith.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Building History

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