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Mahwah – Immaculate Conception

Constructed from field stone found on the property, this charming little country church was established as a mission under the direction of the rector of Immaculate Conception Seminary shortly after the seminary moved to Mahwah in 1927. The seminary returned to Seton Hall University in South Orange NJ in 1984.

The story of the stained glass windows is intriguing.

About The Building


  • Fanning and Shaw

Architectural Style

  • Gothic Revival
  • Vernacular

Notable Works of Art

  • The windows had been stored for years in the basement of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Washington Township. At the request of Father Thomas Kenna, pastor of Immaculate Conception, Father Thomas Norton and the Parish Council of Our Lady of Good Counsel presented them to the Mahwah parish free of charge in 1987. Appleton-Rubec Company of Waldwick NJ restored and installed the windows. "The question remains: How did these beautiful examples of 19th century German craftsmanship find their way to a small country church in northern New Jersey? The best explanation is that because of their striking beauty, instead of being destroyed, the windows were given from one parish to another as church buildings were renovated. What is known is that the window were originally crafted in Munich around 1850. They were produced by the same company that created the stained glass windows for the cathedrals in Munich and Cologne, as well as for New York's original St. Patrick's Cathedral It is believed that the windows were originally installed in a German church, then sent to the United States, where they were first installed in St. Peter's Orphanage Chapel in Newark. Located on Lyons Avenue, St. Peter's PArish was home to many of the city's German immigrants. Later on, the parish became known as Queen of Angels, and when the chapel was torn down, the church's pastor donated them to Our Lady of Good Counsel. The windows were never used by Our Lady of Good Counsel and remained in storage until Father Kenna learned about them and brought them to Immaculate Conception." - From the Parish 75th anniversary booklet

Current Status: In use

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Year Opened: 1932

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