North Bergen – Our Lady of Fatima

By | December 16, 2011

The Church of Our Lady of Fatima with its dramatic main window of brilliantly faceted glass facets depicting the vision of Our Lady of Fatima is a fine example of postmodern ecclesiastical architecture. Completed during the last year of the Second Vatican Council, the church exemplifies the period and the revisions of the liturgy.

Its materials reflect contemporary trends as well. The concrete sidewalls of the church slope inward in prayer-like posture as they support the roof of pre-cast concrete planks topped with white marble chips. The aluminum band is embellishing fascia that stretches around the top of the church.

The carrillon tower is an independent concrete clad steeel shaft that rises near the front of the church and is surmounted by a large aluminum cross.

Similarly of the period, in the interior the combination of simplicity and elegance and the utilization of marble, brick, aluminum, glass, and walnut in combination have resulted in a church of openness and beauty.

The colored facets of the facade of the church are complimented by the multicolored glass used in the creation of the Stations of the Cross. In the sanctuary, white marble and aluminum dominate and the focus is clearly on the altar of sacrifice.

Our Lady of Fatima Building History

1965 -
  • Architect: Comparteeo and Kenny
  • Architectural Style: Postmodern
  • Current Status: In use

1989 – Richard Markey – Consultant
Gregory Arner – Architect
New interior walls
Statues polychromed

Interior Images
Exterior Images
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