New Providence – Our Lady of Peace

By | December 17, 2011

The circular design of the rosy beige stone walls and the sloping ceiling of wood combine to bring a feeling of closeness and warmth  to the church. Light streams through handsome stained glass windows onto the altar of white Italian marble and hand-carved statues of wood. Dominating the altar is a statue of Christ, not the traditional crucified Christ but the risen Christ.

The church uses Oneonta stone for both its inside and outside walls. Forty-foot bays of laminated fir carry the roof and form a decorative feature inside the church. The bays converge at the center of the roof in a glass circle bearing the image of the Holy Spirit. Below this, a suspended tester of teak and glass holds both lighting and a speaker system.

The statues were carved in Italy and provided by Doig-Berardini Studios of New York. Metal Stations of the Cross, in semi-abstract design, are affixed to the stone walls.