Update to the N97

n97-20v-170.jpgThe Nokia N97 received an update a few weeks ago, and many of the users here on campus have been working with the new release.

Here are some of the highlights:

New features :

  1. Nokia start-up screen has been enhanced with a “Connecting People” slogan below the Nokia logo (May not be found in All Versions).
  2. The phone has lesser memory after start-up but it seems to utilise the memory very well and very little lags and crashes are present.
  3. The dial-pad on the home-screen now has letters embedded too.
  4. “Kinetic Scrolling” EVERYWHERE throughout the phone interface including applications.
  5. Updated web browser from (v7.1.13841) -> (v7.1.17475).
  6. The “long press for symbol” function of the keyboard has already been revealed and it works as advertised.
  7. Updated version of Nokia N97 Pre-installed Applications (Ovi Maps, QuickOffice, Youtube…etc).
  8. Whole NEW Applications like (Ovi Contacts).
  9. A little bit more Reliable & Speed in opening Multiple Applications.
  10. At Contacts > Profile you will see a new option there called ‘Edit active profile’.
  11. No longer Randomly switches back to “Nokia Tune”.

    A Word From Nokia NSU Team:

    “This software release improves touch screen usability, allowing you to scroll smoothly through content by flicking the screen. Ovi Maps 3.1 brings 3-D maps, more accurate positioning, and improved search. Nokia e-mail (Nokia Messaging), Ovi Contacts, Ovi Store, and VoIP support have been added. This release also includes improvements in memory and battery performance, and in image and video stability”

    From gdgt.com

    Please contact PC Support Services to have your N97 updated!

Is this the future for mobile computing?

grey_excel_png2.pngI was browsing the internet and came across this product called REDFLY.  It is a portable smartphone terminal.  REDFLY connects to a smartphone using a bluetooth connection or USB cable and provides a large keyboard and monitor.  There is no CPU or operating system on the terminal.  It simply provides a more functional workspace to harness the computing power of the modern smartphone. 

Unfortunately, at this point REDFLY is only compatible with Windows Mobile based smartphones.  But I am envisioning the day that Seton Hall is distributing $199 terminals to students to use with their smartphones. 

AT&T Discount Information

Seton Hall discussed options with AT&T for our students and faculty that may be already AT&T customers and not receiving the discount.  AT&T has agreed to provide the discount to all students and faculty that did not originally sign up for it.  AT&T in conjunction with SHU has agreed to extend the discount to family plans.  What this means is that as part of a family plan, when you register on line (following the procedure below) you will indicate that your number (that is the SHU member) should be the primary for billing purposes.  This will ensure your discounts. Please bear in mind that this might take up to two billing cycles based on your bill dates.

Attaching a personal account to the Seton Hall Corporate discount is as easy as following the steps below. 

1. From any computer, go to http://www.wireless.att.com/businesscenter
2. Enter their SHU email address in the ‘Qualify for Employee Discounts’ field and click ‘Go’


attPortal.jpgIf the email address is validated, an email will be sent to them with instructions on completing the personal number attachment to receive their monthly service discount.

Blog Commenting/RSSFeed Fixed

I wanted to let everyone know that we have fixed any issues you may have been experiencing trying to comment on posts or view single pages.  The collateral benefit of this was that the solution also fixed the problem when trying open a full post from the RSS reader on the devices.

To reset the RSS Feed Reader in the Nokia Browser, please delete the existing feed and then revisit the SHUmobile blog and subscribe again.  This will allow you to open the blog from within the feed reader without receiving an error.

Nokia Training Session

David Middleton is trying to arrange for some of the trainers from Nokia to come to campus and provide some hands on training in the use of the N95 and the E71.  One of the potential times for this training would be from 2:00 – 4:00 on Tuesday October 21 (Yes, during the time for Introduction to Environmental Studies).  Please use the comment section of this post to let us know a couple of things. 

1.  What would you like to have the trainers from Nokia help you with in terms of getting more functionality out of your device?  What are you struggling with currently?  What would you like to be able to do?

2.  If the training session is scheduled for 2:00 – 4:00 on Tuesday, how many of you could attend for the whole two hours?

Feel free to add more to the comments if you have questions or comments you would like to share.

Setting up an Ovi Account and Ovi Channels

All students in the Introduction to Environmental Studies course should set up an Ovi account:

  1. Register for your Ovi account at https://account.nokia.com/acct/register?serviceId=Ovicom
  2. You can open the web browser on your N95 and select the “Share with Ovi” button on the home page.  After you enter your username and password you will be able to upload pictures, video, music, and sound files and manage your content on Ovi.
  3. A better solution may be be to install the mobile Ovi application that can be found on the “Share with Ovi” web page that you opened in the N95 web browser in step 2.  This application will allow you to upload pictures directly from your N95 gallery to Ovi.
  4. You can also move files from your N95 to your laptop or PC and then import them through your Ovi account on that same laptop or PC.  I find this to be the easiest approach when I have a large number of photos to transfer.

Ovi allows you to create various channels, which are simply folders for holding media content.  You can set your channels to be either public or private, I would suggest that you set your main channel as private and from there you can decide which channels you would like to create for public consumption.  

Please send me your Ovi username as soon as you create your account, which should be in the next day.  I need your username in order to set you up as a contributor on any course related channels that I set up.

You should also explore other web-based media sharing sites to see if they provide a better opportunity.  Each student should also open an account with Flickr, Picassa, or some similar service and provide a review of how it compares with Ovi.

E71 Connectivity Issues


We have been informed of a number of issues surrounding the E71 and lost network connections and access points.  We are happy to fix these for you if you can come to the Telecom Office in Corrigan room 71A.

We are also working with technicians at Nokia to determine if there is a bug in the device, or if there is a configuration error that can be easily fixed.

You can also let us know about issues by commenting here on this blog, or emailing SHUmobile (at) shu.edu. 

Please have patience, and we will get this fixed as soon as possible.