This project is going to turn your 2D sketch into a 3D print.

  1. You start by drawing within a 4″ square with a sharpie.
  2. When you are satisfied with your drawing take a picture with it on your smartphone, and then email it to yourself so the photo can be brought up on the computer.
  3. Following this go to this website to convert the picture file from .jpg to .svg, this will allow you to upload your photo to Tinkercad.
  4. Go to Tinkercad and make an account if you haven’t already, if you already have one just sign in.
  5. Select the “create new design” button to open the editing screen.
  6. Click on the title at the top left and change it to something meaningful.
  7. Next select “Import” and upload your photo, set the scale to 20% and the height to 10mm.
  8. You will see now that your drawing is a 3D model.
  9. You may have to use the scroll wheel to zoom out, then select one of the corner points on the your drawing to scale it onto the build if it is too large and off the build space.
  10. From the “helpers” menu select the Ruler option and place it on the build surface. The target width is around 100.00 mm wide. Then specify the height of your drawing to be around 10.00 mm.
  11. Select “Export” and download your file as a .stl. When you are finished with that you can submit it to the makerspace print request, and you will be notified when it has been completed.

Riad Twal

Instructional Designer