In this 3D Print, we will be making a Glow in the dark Ghost Magnet. Now with this print, the two main skills you will be taught is how to create a glow in the dark print, while also learning how to make prints with holes, for the magnet. So you can take this print and make a glow in the dark magnet from anything.

To create this design you will be going to Tinkercad and if you do not have a Tinkercad account you will need to make one, if you do have one then all you need to do is sign in. Following this you will select the “Create new design” to start building.

Select “Properties” from the “Design” menu after you opened a new design and then update your prints name to something meaningful, then “save changes”.

Select the “Extrusion by Tinkercad” option via the “Shape Generators” > “Tinkercad” drop down menu. Move the mouse over the build area and lick to create the extrusion. From the “Helpers” drop down menu select the “Ruler” tool and then click on the build are to display the measurements of your object. Select the height and specify the value to 5 mm. Then select the length and put it to 82mm, and the width to 70mm. In the “Parameters for Extrusion” control panel, use the squares to move the control points and the circles to adjust the control angle. Once you play around with this tool and are happy with you ghost’s shape.

Click on the white control point in the upper right hand corner, then while holding down the shift key, drag the mouse down and in so the size is reduced. Make sure the longest side is less than about 85mm. To create your ghost’s eyes select the “cylinder” from the geometri drop down menu. Set the length and width of the cylinder to 7mm, then the height to 5mm. When you finished this select the cylinder and press CTRL+C, then CTRL+V to create a duplicate of the cylinder. While holding down the shift key, select one of the eyes and drag it approximately 25mm from the other. Then select both eyes, once you’ve done this select the “group” option from the upper right toolbar. Then position the eyes towards the top of your ghost. Confirm the height of your ghost after this, set it to somewhere between 3.5mm and 5mm. Then set the eyes to be 1mm before the top edge of the model. With the eyes selected, select the “hole option” from the Inspector menu. Then press CTRL+A to select all the object and select the “Group” button in the right hand toolbar.

Right click and orbit until you can see the three rotational double arrows, mouse over each of the rotational double arrows then select the one towards the top left corner of the object. Hold down the shift key and then rotate the model 180 degrees. To create the recess for the magnet, select the cylinder from the geometric drop down menu. Specify 26mm for the length and width of the cylinder. Set the height to 5mm and the distance off the z-axis to be 1.20mm. Position the cylinder towards the center of your ghost. Select the hole option from the inspector menu at the top right of the toolbar. Select CTRL+A to select all objects, then select the “Group” option at the top right of the toolbar.

Your build is complete! From the “Design” menu select the “Download for 3D Print” option to save your print, make sure it is a .stl before you save it.



Riad Twal

Instructional Designer