The Spheros and Ollies are bluetooth robots controlled by an app! To connect to the Spheros, just tap the Sphero twice to wake it up, then go to your bluetooth settings on your phone to pair with it. Next you want to download a Sphero compatible app, I recommend the “Sphero” app, since it is the easiest to get started with, but there are many others on the market. The Ollies work a little differently, where you don’t have to pair it on bluetooth, just go on your Ollie compatible app and hold your phone to the Ollie to connect. I recommend the “Ollie” app for the same reason as the former, it’s simple and easy to use. Links to both apps will be included at the bottom, and once you are set up in the app you are free to drive the Sphero and Ollie! Be sure to utilize Space154’s selection of ramps and accessories for the robots for a more fun experience!

Sphero App:

Ollie App:

Victor Rodriguez