To create a 3D Printed nameplate you will have to start in Microsoft Powerpoint, where you will pick a font and write your name in the middle of the title slide. After you wrote your name in your desired font you will save the powerpoint, but at the “Save As” window you will have to change the file type from a .pptx to a .jpeg, then you will be met with a prompt and you will click on the “Just This One” option. After you have this, you will need to go to this site to convert your file. After that you will need to select “Browse…” on the page and find your file, then select “Convert file” and when prompted you will save your svg file. Now that you have your file, you can start designing your print.

Go to Tinkercad and sign up(if you already have a Tinkercad account you can just sign in). When you finish signing up you will click on “Create new design” to open a new project. When you get to your design studio find the “Import” drop down on the right side, then you will select “Browse…” and import your previously saved .svg file. After imported specify a 35% scale and 10mm. If your name extends beyond the workplane then you will have to find the “helpers” menu and add ruler to the workplane, then select your name, then select the white box in the upper left corner of it and drag down while holding a shift key. When you fixed the problem, or if it didn’t happen in general you will now select the “box” from the “geometric” menu. Then you will have to make the box 4mm tall and longer than your name. Make sure your name is 6mm tall and that it is 4mm above the workplane. Select both the box and your name and select the “align” option under the “adjustments” menu. Then select both the horizontal and depth center alignment dots. Now your model is completed, so you can select “Download for 3D printing” option from the “Design” menu and select .stl before you save. Then you can have one of the Space154 employees save your print, and you will be notified when it is completed.

Riad Twal

Instructional Designer