I used the directions from Make Magazine to create a Photobooth using a Rasperry Pi, Raspi Touchscreen Display, and a unique case for this project. This project took about 20 hours altogether. I began by buying all the parts that were recommended excluding the pieces for the case, which I had already purchased.

The 1st step was very self-explanatory and worked perfectly. The first MAJOR problem I encountered was in step 2. It says to install the update by typing, “sudo apt-get update” into the terminal. However, this does not install them. I had to type in, “sudo apt-get upgrade” for the Raspi to actually install the update. This solved many issues I had.

Step 3 worked fine and then the trouble started with step 4. I set up my google photos account on the Raspi and then I faced some errors. Make sure to create your account and set up the album somewhere besides the Raspi. Also, get the App-specific code while on your laptop.

Now for step 6 you can go into the Raspi and log in and follow the instructions in your terminal. After you are done with step 6, log out of your Google account on your Raspi! You do not want it to remember your login because then it will not prompt for the App-Specific code because it thinks that your normal password is that code. Now, continue with step 7. When it transfers you to the terminal it will ask for your username, type in your username. Then, it will ask for your password. Type in the App-Specific code in this field instead of your normal password to create the connection. It should then automatically take a picture and upload it.

If you are still having trouble, make sure to go into google in the terminal and make sure that you are logged out. Then delete the file credentials.dat from the scripts folder. Then restart step 7. Another issue that we faced was the internet connection. Make sure your Pi is connected to the internet at all times.

These were the 2 biggest issues that we faced. Throughout the process, we started from scratch at least 3 times. Sometimes, it is just better to start over. A little hint, you do not always have to type in the script to start the program. You can click on the program in your files and start it that way. This is much easier if you do not have a keyboard.

If you make it and everything works, CONGRATS!! Connecting it to your touchscreen should not be too tough. Make sure that you put the right ends of the ribbon cable in the right slots, facing the right way.

Now, if everything has worked out, hopefully you have a fully functioning photo booth!