Website Development (WebDev) = design + programming + fun In this challenge we will take you behind the scenes of website development to see step by step how to make the web.

Starting on September 26th the TLTC will be running two WebDev challenges on Mondays from 3:00 – 5:00 in the Space154, located on the ground floor of Walsh Library.

WebDev Challenge #1: UX Design
September 26th | Register
October 3rd | Register
October 17th | Register

User Experience (UX) = Look + Feel + Usability

If you have ever used a computer/smartphone or visited a website you are an expert user.  Use your expertise to participate in our design challenge and become a UX Designer.  Bring a friend and try out the “The Gift Giving” and “Website” design challenges.  All you need is your laptop and imagination; we will provide the markers, papers, and info for you to create sketches (wireframes) based on your ideas and a working prototype of your design. No previous design experience required.

WebDev Challenge #2: Creating a Website
October 24th | Register
October 31st | Register
November 7th | Register

A beginner’s guide to website development.  Learn lingo such as HTML, CSS, and text editors to use them to create a website.  Bring your laptop and a sense of adventure; we will show you how to use a text editor, templates, and a web browser like a WebDev pro.  No previous coding experience required.