The Teaching, Learning & Technology Center


NJ Makers Day
Friday, March 18
10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m
Walsh Library – CTC

Interested in making things? Curious to learn more about technology? Join us for a series of workshops being offered by the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC) that explores using code to create web pages, using sensors to detect the environment and 3D modeling.  Celebrate making and maker culture with us as the Seton Hall University community participates in the 2nd Annual NJ Makers Day.

Schedule of Events

10am -12:30pm

“Hello Maker World”: An Intro to Web Development with Home Automation

Ever wondered what makes web pages work? Thought about home automation and the Internet of Things?  This workshop will introduce you to the basics of HTML and CSS – the code required to create and style web pages. Creation of a header with navigation, use of images, use of contact forms, and social media links will be discussed. Popular coding tools will be used to explore the creation of simple web pages.

Once the basics of your website are set, we’ll switch gears and learn how to wire up an Arduino device and attach temperature and humidity sensors to to get accurate readings of your surroundings. Through this process we’ll discuss other possible sensors and how you can add them to your project.  When everything is up and running we’ll learn how to send the data to a web server so you can monitor it anywhere.  In fact, we’ll use the skills picked up in the first half of this workshop to return to your website and add functionality to have it read the data coming from your project.

The overall aim of this project is to introduce new makers and tinkerers to the basics of web development with live data, circuitry, prototyping, and the Internet of Things. We will discuss the components used in the project, how to “hook them up” properly and how to program the ESP8266 with a computer. Everything needed for this project will be provided, however the only takeaways will be the code you write, the knowledge you’ve gained during the activity and the friends you’ve made along the way.

Space is limited so preregister to reserve your seat.

Lunch and Drone Launch (weather permitting)


Exercise Your Creativity with 3D Modeling

3D Printing doesn’t start with the printer, it starts with a 3D Model. This hands-on session will introduce the free web-based 3D design software Tinkercad.  Participants will practice basic 3D design techniques by constructing a model of a pencil cup. These basic 3D design skills can then be applied to designing more complex 3D models, which SHU students, faculty, and staff can submit to the TLTC for 3D printing.

No registration required for the 3D Modeling/Printing session.  Late drop-ins are welcome.

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