Names.  We all have them.  3Dnametag_cokecanWe love having things customized with our names – think the Share a Coke campaign, how much fun is it to find your name on a bottle?

What better way to get started with 3D printing than to create a customized nametag?  This project comes to us from the Makerbot Thingiverse website.  It is a fun beginning project that introduces you to basic coding and 3D printing.

  1. Materials to Download:
  2. Open the Makerbot file in OpenScad.
  3. Follow the prompts in the Editor window to customize the various parameters available.  Prompts will start with //:
    • Text and Font [// TEXT AND FONT]
    • Total Dimensions [// TOTAL DIMENSIONS]
    • Border Curve Style [// BORDER CURVE STYLE]
    • Text Height [// PRINT THE TEXT]

    Have fun playing around with each of the parameters to see how each change impacts the look of the nametag.

  4.  Once you have settled on the look for your nametag it is time to share your custom nametag and have it 3D printed.  If you just want to share your skills with OpenScad follow the first two bullets below:
    • Press F6 or the Render button to get a final preview of your nametag.
    • Take a screenshot of the preview to share your creation with #SHUmake & #MakerBotEDU
  5. If you would like to have your nametag 3D printed follow these steps:
    • Use the File menu to Export the nametag as an STL file.
    • Send an email from your SHU email account ( to with the subject line 3D Print Nametag; in the email body reference this post to request your nametag be printed.  Do not forget to attach the STL file!