Language Portfolios: Student Resources

Read the Overview to get a broad view of what is a language portfolio, on what to include in your portfolio, and adding optional elements to your portfolio.

Ready to go?  Find the files you’ll need to get started below:

Student Getting Started Guide
Language Biography (be to save a copy of the entire biography/.pdf portfolio)
Biography Update


Common questions:

Q. Where do I fill out the paperwork?  To whom do I turn it in?

A. We’re saving trees, here.  Everything will be done electronically.  You’ll fill out the Language Biography on a computer, and upload it to your Portfolio. (Check the Student Getting Started Guide or come to the workshop to get started.)  Nothing to print out.

Q. OK, then how to I turn it in?

A.  At the end of the academic year, you’ll “share” your portfolio with your faculty reviewer.  Your faculty reviewer will get a link to view your portfolio.  Your faculty reviewer will make comments directly on your electronic portfolio.

Q. When do I turn it in and to whom?

A. In April, we’ll go over the process; you’ll select a faculty reviewer; you will ASK that person to review your portfolio; you will share your portfolio with that person, then you will make a short appointment to review the comments and suggestions.


Questions? Need assistance? Contact the LRC at, or view the timeline for a list of workshops and open lab times.