Nom Nom Nom

I’m pleasantly surprised with the options of food we have found around the Dohuk area. Coming here I was expecting to eat three square meals of lamb/chicken and rice. Don’t get me wrong we get plenty of that here, but we have found a lot of restaurants branching out with hamburgers, pizza, and tasty, tasty smoothies. The tourist in me wants to soak up as much Kurdish cuisine as possible, but the American in me just wants to keep it simple as apple pie. I feel like we’ve tapped out most of the restaurants in Dohuk but I’m sure there’s still a few surprises along the way. I’m also thankful for the integrity of my stomach during this whole trip. Anyone who knows me knows that:
1. I am a glutton for all things food.
2. I have an equally volatile digestive track.
But thankfully, all of the kabobs, shwarmas of meat, and bread (suspiciously similar to naan) hasn’t gotten me down yet.
Oh and did I mention the variety of food that comes standard for every meal? I guess it is in Kurdish Culture to offer a WIDE array of appetizers and tea with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But now I feel spoiled, and when I go back to a restaurant in the states I know I’m going to be asking the waiter where my salad, soup, bread, alternate salad, dates, hummus, other kind of bread, tea, and water is before I get my main course. Oh yeah and in the Christian districts you can buy alcohol (but you have to be discreet).
KRG you have spoiled me plenty.

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