A new look for the IHS Library homepage

the redesigned library homepage
The redesigned library homepage

You’ve probably noticed the IHS Library homepage looks a little different than it has. We have redesigned the homepage to streamline and simplify it, giving you faster and easier access to the content you use most frequently.

Most significantly, we have reduced the number of links in the Popular Resources section of the page. The good news is that all the content that was formerly linked in this section is still available to you using the eBooks, eJournals, and Databases links.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the new design.


Welcome Denise D’Agostino, new IHS Library Assistant

Denise D'Agostino

The IHS Library welcomes our newest team member, Denise D’Agostino. While she may be new to IHS, she is a veteran employee at Seton Hall, working at SHU Libraries for the past 21 years, most recently as the Periodicals Supervisor for SHU Libraries. Denise is now working Tuesdays through Thursdays from 7:30am – 3:30pm at IHSL, providing front-line services at the IT/AV Service Desk, staffing the IHSL email account, maintaining the reserves collection, and working on a range of other projects. Denise can be reached at 973-542-6969 or at denise.dagostino@shu.edu. We’re excited to have Denise join the team.


IHS Library celebrates our first year in our 2018-2019 Annual Report

The IHS librarians are delighted to share our IHS 2018-2019 Annual Report. The report highlights our accomplishments in our first year serving the IHS community, including:

  • Collaborating on teaching and learning with the 3 schools we serve;
  • Heavy usage of the databases, journals, and textbooks we license for IHS, as well as the website and online toolkits we’ve developed;
  • Offering reserved study spaces, which were booked 15,000 times in FY2018-2019; and
  • A myriad of interprofessional collaborations across the campus community.

We are happy to call the IHS campus home, and we are proud to be your library!

Faster and easier article PDFs in PubMed

We’re pleased to announce another enhancement to the user experience for IHS students, faculty, and staff: Libkey Link for PubMed. To quote Third Iron, the vendor we’ve partnered with for this feature, Libkey Link “brings one-click access to PDF articles in PubMed, dramatically simplifying workflow and improving user experience. No more confusion over what full text source to pick, no more waiting for different pages to load hunting for the PDF button.” We’ve implemented LibKey Link to cut out a couple of steps in the old process, making it easier and faster for you to get the article PDF you’re looking for. As always, if you need any help with this feature (or anything else information-related), contact your IHS librarian.

Improvements to the SHUhealth search tool

SHU Health is a tool that allows IHS Library users to search both the catalog (books, videos, CDs, etc.) and articles simultaneously. We are excited to announce a number of improvements to the interface to streamline the experience for you.

You can search SHUhealth from the library homepage
Getting to SHUhealth from the library homepage

The updated interface is significantly simpler, reducing clutter by removing little-used and unnecessary features. IHS librarians reached out to our partner EBSCO, which manages the interface, to suggest the changes.

Updated and simplified SHUhealth interface
The updated and streamlined SHUhealth interface

We’re interested in continually improving your experience with IHS Library website and other library interfaces. If you have an improvement to suggest or notice a bug we need to fix, email me at andrew.hickner AT shu.edu.

Accessing IHS Library resources

IHS faculty, students, and staff have full access to IHS Library resources including scholarly articles, books (both online and print), and databases like AccessMedicine and ClinicalKey. We encourage users to bookmark the following pages:

  • The IHS Library website links to all library resources.
  • SOM faculty can access all Phase 1 textbooks from the Phase 1 Textbooks toolkit: https://library.shu.edu/Phase1
  • For searching PubMed, we encourage you to bookmark this link to PubMed. This specific link enables the Find@SHU button (screenshot below), which you can click to easily access PDFs (if we have online access) or to request the article for free using SHU’s interlibrary loan service.

Click the Find@SHU button to access full text

To access materials and library resources from off-campus, you will be prompted to sign-in with your current Piratenet ID and password. (Detailed instructions on accessing resources off campus)

Email us at ihslibrary@shu.edu to request 1-on-1 help and/or group training. We look forward to hearing from you!


Find answers fast with DynaMed

As you’re starting your studies at the IHS Campus, you’ll be getting acquainted with a range of new information resources and tools. You’re going to have lots of questions, and lots of new terminology to learn. While Google is an easy place to start when looking up a definition or researching a concept, we’ve licensed another easy-to-use resource for IHS Campus users called DynaMed Plus.

DynaMed Plus is a clinical reference tool that is designed to help you quickly look up answers to your questions about diseases, drugs, diagnostic tests, and other patient care topics. Other useful features of DynaMed Plus include:

  • Hundreds of medical calculators, equations, and decision trees
  • A DynaMed Plus mobile app you can download and install on your phone.

Medical students may find DynaMed Plus particularly handy for researching answers to questions identified during Monday morning PPPC sessions.

You can find DynaMed Plus under “Popular Resources” > “Databases” in the upper left of the IHS Library homepage.

While DynaMed Plus probably can’t answer EVERY question you might have, it comes pretty close, and we’re confident you’ll find it useful. Next time you’re tempted to reach for Google, try DynaMed Plus.