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Assessment & Effective Teaching

Below are examples of our current Assessment and Effective Teaching PDW offerings.  We will to the best of our ability, tailor-make your PDW to help achieve specific learning goals that you identify.


 The ABC’s of Instruction: Active learning, Building bridges, and Constructing meaning

The “ABC’s of Instruction” focuses on the art and science of teaching and learning. It articulates the cause and effect relationship between teacher actions and student learning. By examining specific actions that increase the probability that students will learn, teachers can move away from practice defined by intuition and instinct, toward a degree of reflective practice that is conscious and deliberate.

This PDW also provides a set of protocols and structures for teacher-to-teacher feedback and coaching. The intention is to create a culture of collaboration and a community of learners that will make a significant impact across entire schools. Additional principles of learning are included, such as those that increase student motivation, and the rate, degree, and retention of learning. The ABCs of Instruction is administered by Dr. Ross Danis, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant.

Critical and Creative Thinking: The Basic Skills of the 21st Century

Today’s world requires young people to graduate with ‘real world’ skills to be successful members of society. As such, teachers must cultivate and foster skills and dispositions that engender both critical and creative thinking.

Toward that end, a significant portion of this PDW includes specific strategies that teachers can apply across grade levels and content areas. Furthermore, it will expand higher order thinking skills, provide opportunities for creative expression and application of ideas, while making connections between and across subject areas and grade level competencies. Workshop content will include the application of: 1) Blooms “New” Taxonomy of Educational Objectives; 2) Five Dispositions of Critical Thinking; 3) Characteristics of Intelligent Behavior; and 4) Fostering creative thinking through experiential education and simulation activities in the classroom. Critical and Creative Thinking is led by Dr. Ross Danis, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant.

Assessment for and of Learning

In this immediately applicable seminar, participants will learn to distinguish between and among assessment, measurement, and evaluation, as well as focus on the difference between assessment for, and assessment of, learning.

Through a series of short presentations followed by application activities, participants will develop learning targets, clarify vertical and horizontal articulation, develop grade level and subject specific rubrics, and develop performance assessments that they can immediately transfer to their classrooms. Portfolios that can be used to foster self assessment and serve as tools for teacher assessment will be presented and developed for use by the participants. Assessment for and of Learning is led by Dr. Ross Danis, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant..

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