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The Institute is a dedicated cadre of Seton Hall University faculty and Seton Hall International Consultants.  Their passion, research-based knowledge, and rich experience helps to lead future and current educators in fruitful professional development endeavors, ultimately empowering them with the capacity to raise student achievement.



Dr. CHARLES P. MITCHEL, Associate Dean of Urban & International Initiatives at Seton Hall University

30 years ago, Dr. Charles P. Mitchel embarked on a life-long journey as an educator.  He received his B.S. and M.A. Degrees from Seton Hall University, and his Ed.D. from Fairleigh-Dickinson University. He is now the Associate Dean of Urban and International Initiatives at Seton Hall University’s College of Education and Human Services, where he founded The Institute.

Dr. Mitchel has proved to be a catalytic force in the world of education.  He has served as principal, superintendent, and Assistant Commissioner of Education in the State of New Jersey.  During his tenure as an assistant superintendent and principal in one of America’s most challenging cities (Newark), Dr. Mitchel received local, state, and national recognition for his outstanding leadership capacity. He has appeared in media outlets including CBS, CNN, The New York Times, and The New Jersey Star Ledger.  Internationally, Dr. Mitchel has trained school leaders in Macedonia, Albania, and the Ukraine.  He has brought his highly demanded teachings on leadership and effective schools to India, Iceland, Colombia, Brazil, and Western Europe.


Dr. SARAH TANTILLO, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant

For 14 years, Dr. Sarah Tantillo has taught English and Humanities at the high school level.   She completed her studies at Princeton (B.A., ’87), Harvard (M.Ed., ’91), John Hopkins University (M.A., ’95), and Rutgers University (Ed.D., ’01).  For 7 years, she taught at the high-performing North Star Academy Charter School of Newark where she chaired the Humanities Department.  At North Star, her students achieved a 100% passing rate on the Language Arts/Literacy section of the High School Statewide Assessments in 2006 and 2007.  She also founded and directed the New Jersey Charter School Resource Center from 1996-1999 and the New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association from 1999-2003.

Dr. Tantillo specializes in grades 3-12, coaching schools and teachers on data-driven instruction; literacy instruction with an emphasis on critical reading, writing, and interdisciplinary curriculum development; school culture-building; and strategic planning.  In addition to being an International Clinical Consultant for The Institute, Sarah has developed a personal initiative entitled The Literacy Cookbook, a website that provides rich, practical resources and strategies for effective literacy instruction in grades 3 through 12.


Mr. SCOTT McMULLEN, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant

Mr. Scott McMullen has been an elementary, middle, and high school science educator for over 35 years. He served as a K-12 science administrator for 22 of those years.    He is passionate about helping teachers develop their personal capacity to engage young minds in the wonderful, imperative subject of science.  Scott brings to The Institute a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Aside from teaching and administration, he has worn many other “hats,” such as mentorship roles (New York State elementary and intermediate level science mentor) and training roles (Science Assessment Liaison for both 4th/8th grade New York State Education Department science tests).  Scott was also part of the National Science Foundation supported ‘Math, Science, and Technology in Elementary School’ project at Stony Brook University, Hofstra University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Scott has lead local, national, and international workshops on math, science, and technology instruction and integration, state and national curricula, assessment, adapting curriculum, and other content specific areas.  His current work includes professional development workshops and in-service training, a curriculum project at Hofstra University on math-science integration in Middle School science, and teaching science to prospective elementary and middle school teachers at Adelphi University.


Dr. LOURDES Z. MITCHEL, Associate Professor of Education Studies at Seton Hall University

Dr. Lourdes Zaragoza Mitchel has wide ranging experiences as a professor, consultant, administrator and teacher.  She completed her studies at Rutgers University (B.S.), Kean University (M.A.), and Seton Hall University (Ed.D.).  She specializes in the preparation of elementary teachers, PK-8, and enhancing the agenda on Professional Development Schools (PDS). Her expertise is extensive in the areas of language arts literacy and mathematics education and school reform.

Prior to coming to Seton Hall University she was Principal of the first Professional Development School in New Jersey.  Her research and practice has confirmed her belief that in order for pre-service and in-service teachers to thrive they need school environments that promote meaningful learning experiences. PDS are schools that create learning communities for all.

In the PDS schools, Dr. Mitchel engages in collaborative teaching, learning and research with administrators, pre-service and in-service teachers while actively engaging in developing teacher leaders and action researchers. Her research focuses on all levels of teacher development and the transfer of learning. Her current project is a study of the extent to which university education faculty and teachers in grades 3-5, use research-based instructional strategies to promote transfer of learning.


Dr. HARRY JAROSLAW, International Education Specialist

Dr. Harry Jaroslaw has been on the international education “scene” since 1975.  He has been in public education for 48 years as both a teacher and administrator, and spent 27 of those years as a superintendent of schools.  He received his B.A. with honors from City University of New York, and both his M.A. and Ed.D. from Columbia University in New York.  While in graduate school, his studies focused on education and international relations.

A focal point of Dr. Jaroslaw’s work in international education relates to School-to-School partnerships, which involves connecting schools in the United States with schools overseas for the purpose of student and cultural exchanges, and student-to-student dialogue.  He was later awarded by the United States Department of State for his work in building these partnerships.    Dr. Jaroslaw has also worked in education in Western Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America.


Dr. ROSS DANIS, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant

Dr. Ross Danis is a lifetime educator.  His journey in education has allowed him to fill various roles, including those of teacher, staff developer, principal, district administrator, associate dean of education , and a foundation program director.  He received his B.A. from Trenton State College, his M.A. from Georgian Court College, and his Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Newark Education Trust, and an International Clinical Consultant for Seton Hall’s The Institute. 

Dr. Danis has previously served as a Rotary Exchange Fellow in Sri Lanka and India, taught leadership seminars and workshops for school administrators in the deep south of the United States throughout the 1990’s, and helped Eastern European educators in Bulgaria and Romania infuse democratic principles into their curriculum.  He did this while continuing to work as a teacher, a principal, or a foundation program director.  For more information on Dr. Danis, his personal education endeavors, or his publications, you can visit his personal website at


Dr. CHRISTOPHER TIENKEN, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant

Dr. Christopher Tienken is an assistant professor of Education Administration at Seton Hall University. He has public school administration experience as a PK-12 assistant superintendent, middle school principal, and elementary school assistant principal.

Dr. Tienken began his career in education as an elementary school teacher.  He completed his studies at Kutztown University (B.S.), Rutgers University (M.A.), and Seton Hall University (Ed.D.).  His research interests include the effect and influence of professional development on teacher practice and student achievement; the construct validity of high-stakes standardized tests as decision-making tools about student achievement and school effectiveness; and curricular interventions used in schools to improve achievement. His research about the effects of professional development on student achievement has been recognized by the Institute of Education Sciences, and the National Staff Development Council awarded him the Best Research Award in 2008.

Dr. Tienken has authored book chapters and articles on his research interests and presents papers regularly at state, national, and international venues. He has ongoing research collaborations with colleagues at the University of Rome, Italy and the University of Catania, Sicily, where he has also been invited as a lecturer as part of a European Union Master’s Degree Program.  Dr. Tienken was named a Visiting Scholar at the Universita` degli Studi Roma Tre, in Rome, Italy for the 2009-2010 academic year as part of their Master’s Degree Program:  Master Pedagogia per la Persona, L’Organizzazione, La Societa`.  He is the editor of the American Association of School Administrators Journal of Scholarship and Practice and the Kappa Delta Pi Record.


Mr. NICHOLAS RESTIVO, Seton Hall International Clinical Consultant

Nicholas Restivo is the current Executive Director of the national Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School. Prior to that, he was involved in the educational arena for thirty-eight years as teacher and administrator.

Mr. Restivo served as a New York State Elementary Math Mentor from 1995 – 2002. He chaired the Calculators Help All Teachers (CHAT) conferences for 10 years beginning in 1992, as well as co-chaired several Student Symposia in Mathematics. He continues to make presentations at many annual and regional conferences for both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, as well as for various state-wide and local conferences.


Miss MEAGHAN O’CONNOR , Coordinator of Urban & International Initiatives at Seton Hall University

Miss Meaghan O’Connor serves as the lead contact for the Institute for International Schools. She coordinates the Institute’s efforts to promote and provide quality professional development to educators around the world.

Miss O’Connor graduated from the University of Delaware with an Honors Degree in History Education with minors in Political Science and Material Culture Studies.  She studied at Seton Hall for her Master’s degree and worked in the Freshman Studies department as a student mentor.  Upon graduation, she began work with the Institute for International Schools.



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