Website Updates and Holiday Greetings

Welcome to the Institute for International School’s new and improved website! As we approach the holidays and the New Year, (can you believe it?!) I wanted to make you aware of some of the changes to our website.

Make sure you check out the updated information under Master’s Degrees and Certificate Programs. If you are interested in any of these programs, contact me at or 973-275-2854 so that we can start building a cohort in your area! Also, browse through some of our professional development offerings. You can see some of the programs that we have put on in the past, but remember, we want professional development to be specific to your teachers and administrators. Let us know what your school is looking for and we can connect you with one of our experts to tailor Professional Development workshops to your needs!

You might also notice a new face in the “Our Team” page (under “About Us”). That’s me! My name is Meaghan O’Connor and I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Institute for International Schools for the past couple of months. So far I have gotten the chance to work with a cohort of students in China who are working with Dr. Gini Rojas of International School Services to earn Seton Hall credits in ESL. Since I have been here, we hosted Laura Light, also from International School Services, to talk to Seton Hall students about opportunities to teach abroad. I even got to meet some of our colleagues at the Tri-Association Conference in beautiful San Jose this October. I look forward to all of the exciting experiences with the Institute in the future, and if I haven’t already, I hope to meet you soon!

To all of you celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, or any other holidays in the coming weeks, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Holiday Greetings!

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us. For our Canadian educators, Thanksgiving is already here and gone. Hanukkah and American Thanksgiving are only a week away with Christmas following on their tail. We at the Institute for International Schools wish all of you a safe and healthy holiday season! May the fall semester come to a satisfying and successful close, followed by that much needed break.

We have several updates from our office concerning services for you and your international schools.

1) We are planning two cohorts of students to pursue a Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology to begin in September 2014. The one group will be centered in Brasil and the second group in Mexico. If you are interested in applying to either cohort, contact us.

2) Are you interested in pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership? An online cohort is currently being assembled. For more information on the program, check out this link here.

3) Finally, we have a great announcement to make! Our highly acclaimed professional development workshops are currently making a difference in the lives of educators from Ecuador to Brasil. You can use mobile to trade forex online through forex brokers as listed in this forex trading website. For a limited time only, we are offering these workshops at a reduce cost to your school. Any workshops scheduled between now and the end of the school year will be at a cost of $5000 plus instructor transportation and housing. That’s a $2000 savings! Consider it our Christmas present to you.

Each professional development workshop is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school, so should your faculty require training in an area that is not currently listed, please contact us to see how the Institute can serve you.

Greetings from Tri-Association Annual Educators' Conference in Mexico City!

Greetings from Tri-Association Annual Educators’ Conference in Mexico City!


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Greetings from Mexico City

Mitchel on Renewing Your BatteryGuess where we just returned from? We made our first trip to Mexico City to be a part of the Annual Tri-Association’s Annual Educators’ Conference, entitled “Pushing Our Limits.” Dr. Sonia Keller and her team did an outstanding job of ensuring the conference was productive for the visiting educators, conducive to the participating exhibitors, and ran smoothly for all involved.

While there, Dr. Charles Mitchel, our Executive Director, led a workshop on Energy Leadership – Transforming Your School and Your Life from the Inside Out. He focused on re-connecting, re-framing, and re-energizing one’s self in such a way that we can then turn around and make a difference in our schools and our own lives. The response of those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive as those participating learned how to catapult their performance to a higher level.

Dr. Mitchel will be leading an expanded version of this workshop during the two-day AASSA pre-conference as part of the Annual Educators’ Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil next March. If you are interested in bringing this type of workshop to your own staff, Dr. Mitchel leads a series of leadership workshops as a part of the Institute’s professional development workshops. Contact us for more information.

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South American Master’s Program Applications Available

Those interested in becoming a part of the cohort pursing a Master’s of Arts in Education in Instructional Design and Technology with the American School of Brasilia may now begin the application process here!

Admissions is completed on a rolling basis and closes August 31st. If you would like more details, go to the Master’s Degree tab and choose the South American Cohort option.

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Forming South American Masters Cohort

We are currently forming a cohort of 15-25 students in South America to pursue a Masters in Education in Instructional Design and Technology. For more information, click Master’s Programs in the bar above. More information about the program and application links will be made available Monday, May 6th.

Brazil flyer

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Return from the South

IMG_0657What a trip! Paul Poore and his AASSA team outdid themselves with the annual Educators’ Conference. We had an opportunity to talk with a number of educators, and hope that these new relationships might grow into something more.

1) Dr. Charles Mitchel’s presentation on Energy Leadership was held for a standing room only audience. If you attended the program or are interested in learning more, contact us. Dr. Mitchel holds an in-depth workshop on spiritual and energy leadership several times a year and would happily work with you and your school to hold a intensive professional development workshop on the subject for your school’s educators.

2) We had enough interest in our Master’s in Education degrees that we are working to put together a cohort of students in South America to complete on of our blended online and on-site programs. Keep an eye on our site if you are interested in continuing your education with a top university who is willing to come to you.

Buenos Aires was absolutely beautiful and we look forward to an opportunity to return very soon!

Our team enjoying beautiful Buenos Aires.

Our team enjoying beautiful Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires here we come!

We are excited about the upcoming AASSA Educator’s Conference in Buenos Aires in a couple weeks! Dr. Charles Mitchel will be presenting on Energy Leadership, and Dr. Lourdes Mitchel will be presenting one of her fortes, teaching literacy within the new Common Core Standards. Either presentation will provide teachers with outstanding opportunities to grow within the classroom and within their own lives.


We will also have a table at the conference, so stop by for a chat and we can show you how we can help your school grow!

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AASSA Partnership

We are proud to announce a new partnership with the Association of American Schools in South America. AASSA’s mission  is to provide and promote programs and services to member schools to enhance the quality of American International Education. As an organization, AASSA values service leadership, quality and effectiveness” ( For several years now, our director and a handful of our professors have been presenting at AASSA conferences throughout South America. We have worked within several AASSA member schools with great success throughout the years. Out of this relationship and a shared mission, we thought it best to form an official partnership that would benefit AASSA and the Institute and, most importantly, the international member schools of South America.

See below to for an excerpt written by Paul Poore, the director of AASSA, for the most recent AASSA e-newsletter (

“As both AASSA and Seton Hall University are committed to elevating student achievement and raising the bar for international schools throughout South America, the Institute and AASSA are joining together to provide research-based, practitioner-validated, quality education services to meet the needs of AASSA member schools.

These services will include:

Trustee / School Board Training
What is the role of the school board? What are its goals and how should those goals be evaluated? The Institute will help individual school boards develop a sense of identity and purpose. One of our expert consultants will meet with constituents of a school board for 1-2 days of on-site training, goal planning and evaluation development. To ensure success, the consultant will keep in contact with the board over the following months to guide the implementation process and monitor board progress.

Professional Development Workshops
The Institute’s Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are interactive, intensive development sessions led by a cadre of exceptional international school professors/ consultants. Each PDW is tailor-made, focusing on one area that an international school identifies as a need, including Differentiated Instruction, Literacy, Assessment, Leadership, Math and Science. PDWs take place over two days at a site of the host school’s choosing. One PDW with one consultant will serve up to 25 educators. Smaller schools may join together to host a workshop. At the end of the program each participant will receive a certificate and can count the workshop towards Continuing Education Units.”
We look forward to working with AASSA and are already in conversation to bring our professional development workshops to some of the member schools. If you, too, are interested in the Institute’s partnership with AASSA, including school board training and professional development workshops, contact us right away!

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Weeks of Workshops

A little known fact: The Institute for International Schools is one of two areas of focus in our office. The entire office is named the Office for Urban and International Initiatives, a part of the College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall University. Recently, we have been intently focused on the second half of our programs, the Academy for Urban School Transformation. For more information on the work of the Academy, check out the website:

The main work of the Academy currently is to provide professional development and continual instructional coaching to the lowest performing schools in the greater Newark area. Understanding that professional development only works so well when presented in a one-off workshop, the Academy trains and provides highly skilled, experienced instructional coaches who work the duration of the school year on a weekly basis with 3, 4 or more teachers from these struggling schools.

Now is the beginning of the school year, and with that comes a great focus on training and implementation to start the year off right. We have just complete a two day training program for our instructional coaches, focusing on how to implement the new national core curriculum. That was followed by an intense three day workshop for 100 teachers and administrators from two of the schools we work with, in which we worked on team building, district program training, and again focused on the national core curriculum. The teachers evaluated our workshop a 4.68 out of 5.

Now we are down to the grind of the school year. Coaches are working diligently with teachers. Curriculum is being adjusted and refined for our urban school students. We even have leadership coaches working with the administration to ensure that the entire school is working to be the best it can be.

We at the Office for Urban and International Initiatives are continually researching and implementing best education practices, and just as we pour ourselves into bettering our local urban schools, we poor ourselves into making international schools the best they can be. Curriculum audits, professional development workshops, school governance evaluations – the Institute has a large variety of ways to help your school advance its work with students and the community. Contact us for more information and to start a conversation of how we can help you.

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A week filled with exciting prospects

Last week was an exciting time for the Institute as we worked to develop a new partnership and a new friendship with a set of Korean delegates from Paul ‘n Mark and Bright Youth. The South Korean government is in a time when it wants to focus on educational growth. Anti-bullying programs, school turnaround and transformation, leadership and character building, ESL immersion – these are only some of the prospects we are planning to develop for the Korean public school sector.

We were honored to host Paul Choi, CEO of Paul ‘n Mark; Kyunghee Choi, Vice President of Paul ‘n Mark; and Patrick Jeon, Senior Manager for Bright Youth. They toured the Seton Hall campus, met with some of the key players in our College of Education and Human Services, and had the opportunity to enjoy the Greater Newark and New York City area. It was an enjoyable time of culture exchange and relationship building.

One particularly interesting point was brainstorming how we can adjust our programs in such a way that they appeal to the Korean market. Working with international schools has always been an adventure as we create our programs to fit unique schools based on our familiar American curriculum but composed of a balance of multiple cultures. Working with Korea gives us a reverse adventure of one single culture adjusting to another. We look forward to seeing how this partnership pans out for Korean public education and the Institute.

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