Blogs, Content Strategy and Content Goals

I am going to mention two of my favorite blogs that give advice about creating content for your website: Aha Media blog and Meet Content.  Both of these blogs remind us why thinking about and reviewing the content on our sites is so important.  I subscribe to both blogs and receive emails with the latest posts.

Ahava Leibtag, from the Aha Media Blog, wrote recently that most of us put off writing content and she offers excellent advice:

  1. Keep a list handy – write down ideas that you can flesh out later.
  2. Scan social media or the blogosphere – as I’ve mentioned before, there is a tremendous amount of good content out there.  Find what you need and use others to keep you up to date on your area.
  3. Ask those you know: if you need to keep a department website current, make sure people know to come to you for updates.
  4. Just do it.

You can read this and other articles here »

Every post on the Meet Content blog is filled with great pointers, especially if you are in the planning phase of content creation.  Their latest blog post focuses on the need for goal-driven content and provides examples of what those goals may be.  I thought this example was particularly helpful in writing about our academic programs: Describe the distinguishing characteristics of an academic program and how it can help students achieve their professional goals.

For the entire post and to dive into Meet Content’s excellent perspective on web content for institutions of higher learning, click here »