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Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.01.59 AMBeginning in the Fall 2013 semester, University Libraries has elected to transition from the University standard content management system CommonSpot to Springshare’s Libguides CMS to help provide useful resources to help patrons focus their library research.

Dr. John Buschman, Dean of University Libraries reflected:

“While of course we hope we have accomplished a clean, intuitive and useful research tool for our community, there is always room for improvement. We will seek to shape the web page – and other tools we offer – through reaching out to and listening in a systematic way to those that use them. Sometime later this Fall semester, we will begin the process of seeking that input and shaping our responses around it in order to have a more iterative and responsive process that meets the needs of Seton Hall. Meanwhile, I wanted to announce the changes we made and give some direction of where we will be heading. I of course am happy to answer any of your questions about this or the Libraries as well!”

The site is still available at Other related sites, including Archives and Special Collections as well the Walsh Gallery reside in the same environment for now.

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