Seton Hall Weekend Web Wrap Up

At the beginning of the month, a record number of parents, students, alumni and friends of Seton Hall came together to celebrate our community at Seton Hall University Weekend. From outdoor performances, arts and crafts, rides, and carnival games to theatre performances, campus tours and sporting events, there was something for everyone to enjoy. At this event, we also kicked off True Blue, a program that recognizes alumni who love Seton Hall and are active and engaged with the University each year.

This week we brought down the site promotion, which had changed three times and reflected all the stages of preparation, celebration and post-event communications this year. Aside from web promotions, our social media accounts were the hub for user generated content as well as video coverage of the weekend and the True Blue launch. #SHUWeekend and #SHUTrueBlue were the staples of these campaigns, featuring hundreds of community based tweets, photos and videos that we’re still sharing now.

My thanks to everyone on our web teams and groups who posted, reposted and shared everything about this exciting event. Aside from our regular social network and web promotions both paid and shared, nothing is more awesome than our grassroots campaigns and the content our communitiy gives back. Here’s some hightlights:

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