SAB Text Communications Project

This past May we initiated our “beta test” with the AT&T Messaging Toolkit during Commencement in conjunction with our social media accounts and the IZOD Center. Starting this fall, our Student Activities Board (SAB) will be sending text messages to student subscribers about campus activities using this platform. We recently published a news story letting the campus community know how to connect:

SAB Logo FinalStudents can now subscribe to receive a weekly text message from the Student Activities Board (SAB). This project is a collaboration between SAB and TLTC that ads another way for students to learn about the dynamic events being planned for them. In previous SAB satisfaction surveys, some students complained that they weren’t aware of the on-campus events, off-campus trips, and involvement opportunities that SAB had to offer. It is our hope that this new initiative will address that concern.

SAB sent its first official text on August 14th with an announcement of the upcoming concert: Fall Fest 2013 featuring Karmin. Subscribers were the first to learn about the event and who was the headlining performer.

text iconWhy should you subscribe?
• Students- SAB events are paid for by your Student Activities Fee. This is a great way to be aware of what is going on throughout the year.

• Faculty/Staff/Administrators- The texting service is a great way to stay in the loop of involvement opportunities, outside the classroom. Our hope, is that by increasing awareness of our events, we will increase the engagement of our students.

How do you subscribe?
• Simply text SHUSAB to 990-00 (normal text message fees apply)

How often will I receive a text?
• SAB is planning on sending a weekly text. There may be occasional special announcements or updates.

Why text?
• The average person in 2012 checks their cell phone 100-150 times per day.
• In a recent study of college students, 90% said they had their phone within arm length 24/7
• 97% of all text messages sent are read by the recipients

Please share and don’t forget to text SHUSAB to 990-00!