We’re in the Cloud!

CLoudThe website has successfully migrated over to the cloud, although some tasks still remain and the Web Dev team is working to resolve any outstanding issues.

In the meantime, authoring has been enabled and you are free to make any authoring changes on your site. If you wish to author, please use the following URL:


You’ll be happy to know that we shall be changing this somewhat bulky address to a much more user-friendly “authoring.shu.edu” but this does take some time to create.  We shall let you know as soon as this new URL is available.  In the interim, however, please use the above URL to login and make any edits to your pages.

If you have made edits using the old URL (www.auth-web1-prod.shu.edu), you will need to duplicate your edits using the above URL. This “old” authoring site has been disabled so that there is no confusion on your part as to where your edits are being made.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me.

Marie Somers
(973) 761-7566