We’re Almost There!

CLoudSince we shut down authoring on July 15, the Web team has been working with our vendor Paperthin on the final steps of our migration to the cloud.

All the current content has been successfully moved over and you can see it here (it’s the same link we originally provided on June 3).  As we suggested before, you should be able to log in and make edits, view your dashboard – in effect, all the same functionality and permissions you currently have should be in place.  If you have any issues or problems logging in, please let me know.

Please note: you will be able to author edits “in the cloud” but we would ask that you refrain from doing so, so that we keep both versions in sync.

So what’s next, you may ask.  The final step is changing the DNS entry (read Wikipedia for the basics about DNS) which means that instead of pointing to a server here on campus, the DNS will point to a server in the cloud.  Sounds simple, but there’s a lot of tasks that the Web Team, Systems Support and the vendor need to complete to make that happen.  However, please be assured that whether here on campus or “out there,” users will not experience any interruption of service.

We plan to make that DNS change on Monday, July 22.  We shall restore all authoring on Tuesday, July 23.  I will keep you informed if, for any reason, this proposed timeline should change.