Moving to the Cloud

CLoudNext week starting on July 15, Web Development will be working with the vendor of our Content Management System (CMS), Paperthin, to move our CMS to the cloud.

Why the move?
Taking advantage of Paperthin’s cloud services provides redundancy as well as additional infrastructure support.

What does this mean for me as a Content Contributor?
Nothing will change for you as a content contributor.  All the URLs will remain the same, both for authoring as well as for viewing content.

Will there be down-time?
No, the website will continue to function as normal.  However, during the migration, authoring will have to be disabled while we push existing content to the cloud environment.  This will mean that no changes to the website can be made during that migration period.

When will the migration happen?
The migration process will start on July 15 at 3 p.m. when authoring for the website will be disabled.  Please keep this date and time in mind, since once we disable authoring, no additional updates to existing content can be made.

How long will the migration take?
We expect to have authoring enabled on July 18, barring any unforeseen issues.  We will make sure that we continue to keep our Content Contributors updated as to the migration’s progress.

Please reach out to Marie Somers with any questions or concerns about the migration.