Great “Breakfast with Commonspot” Today!

To all who were able to make this morning’s breakfast – it was terrific to see you there.  It was good to go over some of the upcoming milestones for Web Content Systems.  As a recap for those who weren’t there:

  • Migration to Google Analytics: we will be changing our web analytics instrument and moving to Google Analytics in early June.
  • Migration to the cloud: the Commonspot content management system will be moving to the cloud in early July.  For the content contributor community, this move will be seamless.  However, we do need you to test the new environment.  Please log in here: – this is the main “www” site, but the content is from mid-April.  Go in and kick the tires!  Log in, do some content edits, create some news stories – whatever you want.  Let us know how it works for you.  We will keep you posted as we move closer to the date.
  • Upgrade to Commonspot: we went over some of the helpful features in the latest version, especially when editing content or working with links.  Click on the Feedback link and let us know what training topics you would like to see available.
  • Website Redesign: there’s a lot of preparation going on – element review, content audit, collaboration with the vendor (Paperthin), enough work for everyone!  Please remember to take this opportunity to think about what you want your website to do and then tell us!  Now is the time for wish lists, checking out other school websites and exploring possibilities.

In the meantime, both Mike and I will continue to post to the blog to keep you informed.