Post-Upgrade CommonSpot Bugs

We have experienced a few issues since our CommonSpot upgrade last week.

The Web Team is currently working to correct these problems, and needs to restart the authoring server. Authoring will be disabled today at 3:30 PM, with service to resume briefly thereafter. I will follow up once this process is complete.

The main issues include:
New news stories are not publishing out into the CMS or integrated systems.
The large key message on the main page and some news elements on school and college websites are throwing an error when we attempt to edit them.

3 thoughts on “Post-Upgrade CommonSpot Bugs”

  1. We are continuing to work closely with senior technical support at PaperThin, our content management system vendor, to resolve the problems we’re experiencing with the website. The integrity of existing content site-wide is stable; however, we continue to experience issues with news, site promotions, faculty profiles and scholarships, financial scholarships and other dynamic elements in the system. The manual selection of key messages / site promotions on the University gateway has been resolved.

  2. All CommonSpot servers have been restarted; however, this did not resolve all issues. The Web Team is currently working with the CMS vendor to troubleshoot.

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