#ChristmasAtTheHall and Instagram

In addition to our normal event Twitter feed based on a hashtag (#ChristmasAtTheHall on www7.shu.edu/christmas), we integrated our first basic jQuery Instagram hashtag feed to one of our CommonSpot pages to spotlight the Seton Hall Christmas Tree Lighting last night: www7.shu.edu/christmas/instagram.cfm.

Instagram in CommonSpot for Christmas
Instagram in CommonSpot for Christmas

The community shares great content on Instagram, and we want to highlight Seton Hall events visually through the eyes of all our students and alumni. Follow Seton Hall at instagram.com/setonhall and be sure to tag your own photos with #setonhall for everyone to see.

One thought on “#ChristmasAtTheHall and Instagram”

  1. Mike,

    Is it possible to get an actual calendar rather than lists? Possibly one that could integrate with the Alumni calendar? If it’s on site, I couldn’t find it. In that case, just direct the old fogey to it & have a good day..

    Otherwise, I love most of the redesign. But, when I tried to check calendars to see what was going on at a glance, I appear to have to make a choice of various lists. In most offices I’ve run, or have had, we had the large scheduling wall calendar [for lack of a better term even after it was put on the office network] with most, or all, events on it and appointment calendars of lists for individuals. Without that, someone, who’s not on campus every day, has to give a best guess concerning the title on a list item and guess at which list.

    Thanks. And keep up the great work.

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