Web Redesign Project, Part 1

Seton Hall’s main page, also known as our “gateway,” is getting an upgrade, kicking off a full web redesign project for the University. Look for the new www.shu.edu index page in the beginning of 2013 — the first major aesthetic change to our homepage since 2005. As a result, the top and bottom portions of most of our institutional webpages will also inherit a new look and feel to support this design change.

Gateway Redesign 2012

Where Did That Link Go?
About the New University Gateway

One change you might notice right away is the absence of the experimental “toolbar” we’ve had running along the top of University webpages. Don’t worry, your links to email and Blackboard are still available, as always, once you sign into PirateNet.

Sign In Area on Homepage

The links for “Find People” and “Offices and Services” are gone — but both functions now appear via the “Campus Directory” link under the search box.

The main horizontal set of links, or “navigation”, on the top of every Seton Hall page looks the same, but now features drop-downs to help you browse our site more quickly and find what you’re looking for. This navigation also includes all the links formerly displayed on the left of the main page (on top of the large image).

Drop Down Navigation

More key messages, news, events, community quotes and video: the main page now has more of everything. There’s always a lot going on at Seton Hall, and we needed more room to help tell our story and share our community’s achievements. We now feature a “carousel” of key messages, more featured news and “quick quotes”, highlighted upcoming events from our calendar and playable videos from YouTube. The bottom line, or “footer” of our webpage displays additional resources both old and new, as well as shortcuts to all our technology and social media channels.

For further details about the new page, please check out some of our gateway redesign presentation highlights (pdf).

The Web Redesign Project

As charged by President Esteban, the cross functional team of Web Content Systems and Public Relations and Marketing are collaborating with constituents across the entire University to redesign our messages, elements and templates. Our goal is to enhance the website’s engagement and presentation of community and academic life at our institution. We’ve been listening, and there’s no better time than now to make all our webpages more… awesome.

In fact, we’ve been talking with everyone for the last 6 months: from the President, Vice Presidents and Provost to our students, alumni, faculty and administrative web liaisons — we know it’s important to make a website for everyone. We also relied on our web analytics, metrics, discovery projects in best practices and the latest design and coding techniques to explore the best directions for our web communications (we are, after all, among the most connected colleges).

Over the next 12-18 months, we will continue to redesign and enhance the institutional web presences for our prospective students, current students, faculty, administrators and alumni. Next steps include:

  • Moving a large portion of the public website to a cloud-based hosting solution
  • Recreating many of our elements (such as news, site promotions and profiles) to look and work better than ever
  • Updating our base code for responsive, mobile design
  • Redesigning and improving all the public web pages with new layouts and templates available to all campus constituents

Stay tuned to the Web and Digital Communications Blog for project updates and conversations about other web and social media initiatives. Questions and comments are most welcome below, or send an email to hylandmi@shu.edu.

7 thoughts on “Web Redesign Project, Part 1”

  1. Redesign looks great and I appreciate the integration with social media. But why isn’t LinkedIn an “official” channel too? Have you spoken to the Stillman folks about that? We need to develop Servant Leaders – and we do a great job at that – but it would help if they were better prepared for the business aspects of social media, alma mater needs to lead the way there. Bottom line: work on your LinkedIn presence.

    1. Thanks for the note about LinkedIn Bob. In addition to the Career Center and Alumni Relations, most of the schools and colleges have at least one profile or active group in LinkedIn at the moment. Seton Hall also has a institutional account. We will be rotating social network profiles in and out of our footer, social media page and supporting links over time.

  2. So excited about the new Web site coming online next week. Seton Hall really has so many great things going on around campus and wonderful stories to tell…this site is going to help us stay more connected than ever. Great job everybody! Let’s roll!

  3. The new design looks much better.
    More white space, good job with the redesigned navigation and the subcategories within it.
    Also, nice placement of the carousel, and well used space in the footer of the website.

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