Welcome class of 2013!!

HRL is very excited for our next few days of Orientation! We can’t wait to meet the Class of ’13 and their families!

The First Year Area Res Life staff (in Boland that’s Sarah, Will, Rae, and Meghan-Rose and in Aquinas that’s Jackie and Karoline) is planning many exciting and fun programs for your first 40 days at The Hall.

Meanwhile, the staff in Housing Services is working hard to make room assignments for the incoming class. Room assignments will be made after July 4th. We assign students in Boland and Aquinas based on their Journey of Transformation class registration. This means we can’t accept roommate requests. The philosophy behind this method of assignments is to support the academic endeavors of our freshmen. Think about how nice it is to live in the same suite or on the same floor as the familiar faces you see in the classroom during the week. That means there’s a lot of opportunity for collaboration and continuing in-class discussions outside the classroom walls!

Later in July, all students will receive their room assignment and roommate information via the email address they supplied on their housing application. Stay tuned in for that email as it’ll also contain your parking pass for move-in day and important information from our recommended vendors.

Housing & Residence Life staff members will be present at Orientation. We’ll be at a table in the University Center if you still need to apply for housing and there will be a special informational session for parents on Day 1 of each Orientation at 11:15am (presented by our Director, Tara Hart.)

We hope you enjoy your time at Seton Hall during your visit. August 27th (move-in day for the incoming freshman class) will be here before we know it! Have a great summer!

Day 1 of Room Selection = Pretty Good If We May Say So Ourselves

Day 1 of Room Selection is now complete. Today’s lottery was for students who were eligible to retain their current room assignments (28 Priority Points or more) and pull-in an eligible roommate (25 Priority Points or more.) If you were supposed to retain your room today but missed your time, don’t worry. You can log in tomorrow (Tuesday) from 10am-4pm and still do so as long as your room is available.

Students who do not wish to retain their room are eligible for the Open Room Selection Lottery this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You may have noticed that your Open Room Selection lottery times disappeared from your Housing Profile. Don’t worry, they didn’t vanish completely. We had to hide the Open Room Selection lottery in order to make today’s Room Selection a success. You’ll see them appear once again on Tuesday evening.

Got questions during our lottery times? We’ve got a helpful AIM screenname staffed by a real, live person (Josh) to help you out. Buddy list him at HallHousingHelp.

Lost the Room Selection instructions email? Find it at our blog here.

If you’ve put in an application and a room deposit but have changed your mind about living here, give up your spot so that a friend can stay off the wait list. Fill out the Cancellation form available here.

Priority Points Emails

Priority Points were sent out on April 3rd to all students who are eligible to participate in the Room Selection process for next year. (Just a reminder, that means students who applied AND deposited by the February 20th deadline received the Priority Points.)  There was a second emailing of corrected Priority Points emailed out on Wednesday, April 8th.

We learned a few things from our email pushes:

  • About 150 students applied online for the wrong semester. Students who brought this to our attention had their application corrected and received an email with their Priority Point breakdown and totals. We also ran a report to see if there were anymore out there and contacted them to ask if they had applied for the correct semester.  Those who responded back that they meant to apply for the Fall had their application amended and received their Priority Points (if they qualified.)  All students who applied and deposited on time will be permitted to take part in Room Selection, as long as they applied and deposited on time. We’re working with our colleagues in web devo to get the application fixed so it’s much more easier to select the correct semester.
  • Non-scholarship athletes were accidentally not given Priority Points and this was realized first thing on Monday morning.  Also we realized a certain population of resident students did not receive credit for some program attendance.  Both of these issues were fixed immediately and students who were impacted received updated Priority Point emails on Wednesday.

Priority Points will be out on Friday

Priority Points will be emailed to students this Friday and will include a break-down of what you received for each category as well as your Priority Point total.

This was a terrific year for Priority Points! Here are the facts that prove it:

  • There are over 1200 students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection.
  • Of those, the average student earned a total of 26 Priority Points – that’s 3 points higher than last year’s average!
  • Pirates are smart – the average total for academics was 7 points! That equates to an average GPA of 3.00-3.24!
  • Because everyone’s so busy studying, they’ve got no time to make poor choices so our average judicial points total is an almost perfect 9!
  • Res Hall Citizenship and Campus Involvement points are both tied at 5.
  • 69% of the eligible students received credit for athletic event attendance – Go Pirates!
  • 42% of the eligible students received credit for intramurals participation!
  • Res Life staffers submitted 105 names for Star Resident points!
  • And when our Pirates aren’t busy studying, keeping their nose clean, and playing or watching sports, almost 29% of them are working somewhere on campus! (We <3 our HRL OAs!)
  • 110 clubs and organizations submitted Priority Point rosters this year.

Online Room Selection = EASY!

Room Selection has been moved online for the 2009-2010 academic year and it’s as easy as buying concert tickets online.  Check out these two videos to see what we mean:

We’ll be sending out instructions to students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection soon so check your email. 

Room Selection will be held during the week of April 20th.

Have you checked out the Dining Services website yet?

If not, here’s what you’re missing:

  • Know what’s on the menu for today before you get to the caf – every station!
  • Share your thoughts in the suggestion box- tell Nate his pizza’s great or Eugene he’s a fryin’ machine!
  • Check out the upcoming theme meals – the joke’s on us for April Fools Day when GDS is serving breakfast for lunch!

Check out the site when you’re done reading this!