Commuters are welcome, too

If you’re a commuter and want the ability to visit your resident friends between day classes to hang out or collaborate on group projects, SGA and HRL have teamed up with a solution: Commuter Hall Access Privileges.

Commuters who wish to apply for Commuter Hall Access Privileges can complete an application on PirateNet under the Housing Profile (found on the Profile and Finances tab.)

Commuters wishing to have these privileges must agree to the following parameters:

  • provide accurate emergency contact information on the following screens.
  • re-enroll each semester to continue Commuter Hall Access Privileges.
  • leave my SHU ID card at the front desk of the building they are visiting
  • regularly check my SHU Email for any potential updates regarding this privilege.
  • maintain a clear balance on my SHU Account.
  • abide by the hours (9:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri) of this Access Privilege.

There is no charge for this privilege but students found in violation of any of the above will result in loss of the privilege for remainder of year.  Violation of any University or HRL policies, while in the residence hall, will be treated under community standards process.


Author: Cheryl McCloskey

Former Assistant Director for Housing Operations & Marketing at Seton Hall University. I handled room assignments, meal plans, billing, social media, and supervise the RHD for Turrell and Ora as well as the Housing Operations Coordinator. Wife to Ryan, dog mom to Lucky McLovin'. Seton Hall MASC '12, Sacred Heart University '01 and '03 MAT. Go Pirates!

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