Halls close for Easter break on Thurs. April 1st @ 10am

Give yourself a break!

All residence halls (except Xavier, Turrell, and Ora Manor) will close at 10am on Thursday, April 1st for Easter Break and will reopen on Monday, April 5th at 2pm. (Please note the change in dates from the magnet that was originally mailed home.)

If you require housing for any part of Winter break, you need to complete the Break Housing Questionairre located under Person Preferences on your Housing Profile on PirateNet by no later than Tuesday, March 30th.

Please note: if you live in a building that will be closed during the break, you must find someone of your same gender in one of the open buildings who will let you stay in their room during the break. Remember the earlier you register for break housing, the easier it will be for you to find someone’s room to stay in.

Filling out the Break Housing Questionnaire early and adhering to the following criteria will make your brak housing experience much easier for you. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING REFUSED ENTRY TO YOUR ROOM DURING THE BREAK.

– You must be the same gender as the resident you are attempting to stay with over the break.

– You may only have the number of people stay in a room over break as could live there during the year.

– Make sure to fill all fields in as requested. Leaving fields blank or filling out fields incorrectly may result in your application being denied.

– Make sure to get the key to the room you’ll be staying in ahead of time. The residence hall staff will not be issuing keys to anyone who forgets to do this.

– It is your responsibility to find someone who will let you use their room. If you are having difficulty, please speak with the RHD of the buildings that will remain open for further guidance. Register early if you need help finding a host.

– The break housing questionnaire must be completed by Tuesday, March 30th. If you think there is a chacne you might want to return early, make the appropriate arrangements and complete the questionnaire.

– There is no additional charge for break housing.

For questions related to break housing, please contact any member of your residence hall staff.

Author: Cheryl McCloskey

Former Assistant Director for Housing Operations & Marketing at Seton Hall University. I handled room assignments, meal plans, billing, social media, and supervise the RHD for Turrell and Ora as well as the Housing Operations Coordinator. Wife to Ryan, dog mom to Lucky McLovin'. Seton Hall MASC '12, Sacred Heart University '01 and '03 MAT. Go Pirates!