Jan 06

Spring 2014 Recruitment

If you have ever thought about joining a Fraternity or Sorority at Seton Hall University, now is the time.

Follow these steps to find your perfect match at Seton Hall:

  1.  Do your research:  

    1. Meet the Greeks: Wednesday, Jan 22  - University Center – 8p.m.

    2. Spring Involvement Fair: Thursday, Jan 23 – University Center – 12 p.m.

    3. Explore our website and the organization’s chapter or national websites to decide what organizations you are interested in.

  2. Meet as many organizations are possible. 

    1. Register for Recruitment: 

      1. MGC: Spring 2014 Potential New Member Form

      2. IFCSpring 2014 Potential New Member Form

      3. PanhellenicFormal Recruitment Weekend <– Required to joing APhi, AST, AGD, or DPhiE

    2. Let them know you’re interested in joining their organization. No one is going to assume you want to be part of their fraternity or sorority. Let them know. Just a simple “I’m interested in your organization. What is your membership process like?” will go a long way.

  3. Accept an offer of membership:

    1. Panhellenic: At the end of Formal Recruitment Weekend, if you participate in all events and fill out the proper paperwork, you will be offered membership into one of our 4 Panhellenic Sororities.

    2. MGC: Each organization has a very different recruitment process. Be sure to ask them for more information when you meet them at Meet the Greeks of an Involvement Fair.

    3. IFC: Each organization will host their own event’s during recruitment week: Jan 22 – Feb 2. Be sure to attend as many events as possible and let someone know you are interested.  Schedules will be distributed by each organization during Meet the Greeks.

Apr 11

Greek Week

As you all know, the much-anticipated Greek Week is nearly upon us! With events such as a barbeque, trivia competition, and talent show, it is a week no one will want to miss!

To register for all events, simply buy your ticket HERE, and remember, the full ticket pays for your GREEK WEEK T-shirt! Buy your ticket today!

Greek Week Calendar

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