Innovations in Global Health in The New Political Era
Guest Editors: Devi Sridhar And Larry Gostin

Devi Sridhar and Larry Gostin

After the Revolution, Global Health Politics in a Time of Economic Crisis and Threatening Future Trends
David Fidler

Global Health: Where to Now?
Solomon Benatar

Are Existing Governance Structures Equipped to Deal with Today’s Global Health Challenges – Towards Systematic Coherence in Scaling Up
Devi Sridhar, Sanjeev Khagram, and Tikki Pang

The Global Role of the World Health Organization
Jennifer Prah Ruger and Derek Yach

Opportunities for the Obama Administration and the G20 “to Do Good” for Global Health
Sisule Musungu

Healthcare Reform that Works for the U.S. and the World’s Poor
Thomas Pogge

Medicines as Global Public Goods: The Governance of Technological Innovation in the New Era of Global Health
Suerie Moon

Health Worker Shortages and Inequalities: The Reform of United States Policy
Paula O’Brien and Larry Gostin


Book Review

Kent Buse, Wolfgang Hein, and Nick Drager, editors. Making Sense of Global Health Governance – A Policy Perspective. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
Layla Yüzen