Internet Access Issues This Evening

This evening at 11:00 PM the campus Internet connection began experiencing intermittent problems.  During this period some off campus users were not able to access campus services.  The routers connecting the campus to our Internet Service Provider (ISP) were restarted around 11:50 PM and normal service was restored.  Networking and Telecommunications is investigating this problem.

Steve Landry, CIO

Update 3/23/2013:  The root cause of this brief Internet outage was identified as routing issues with Level3, the University’s Internet Service Provider.  Some fiber cables were severed in one of Level3′s service centers, causing some temporary routing problems for Level3′s customers in this region.

About Stephen Landry

Stephen Landry, Ph.D., is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Seton Hall University. You can follow him on Twitter at: @landryst ( His LinkedIn profile can be found at: and his EDUCAUSE profile can be found at:
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