Science & Diplomacy

  1. International Space Law Panel Henry Hertfeld, Frans von der Dunk, Robert Harding, and Joanne Gabrynowicz
  2. Science and the International Politics of Climate Change Idean Salehyan and Cullen S. Hendrix
  3. Creating Technological Momentum: Lessons from American and Danish Wind Energy Research Benjamin K. Sovacool and Janet L. Swain
  4. Re-Igniting the Atom: The Political Consequences of the Global Nuclear Revival Duan Bratt
  5. New Nukes for New Niches? Robert J. Peterson
  6. The Promise and the Peril: The Social Construction of American Military Technology Michael Mosser
  7. Biological Weapons and Security Dilemmas David Malet and Herman Rogers
  8. A “Fortress Fleet” for China James Holmes
  9. Rethinking the Cuban Regime: Implications for Transition Paths and Comparative Cases Aimel Rios Wong