Sr. Eileen Marie Heckman, SL (1904 – 1908)

Sr. Eileen Marie Heckman, SL* (1904 – 1908): A native of Illinois, Sister Eileen Marie spent most of her religious life in Colorado, teaching in elementary and secondary schools and at Loretto Heights College.  In 1943 she moved into administration, serving as Dean of Students, Academic Dean, 8th President of the college from 1964 to …


Sr. Lydia Peña, SL

Sr. Lydia Peña, SL*: Lydia M. Peña, S.L., is an educator, art historian, author, community leader and fundraiser.  In 1955 she graduated from Loretto Heights College with a B.S. in Dietetics.  In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in Education and an M.A. and a PH.D in Art History. Sr. Peña started teaching at St. …


Sr. Patricia Jean Manion, SL

Sr. Patricia Jean Manion, SL*: Sister Patricia Jean Manion served as president of Loretto Heights College from 1967 – 1972. She presided over a time called “New Directions” and was innovative in aligning the college with the cultural changes of the time.  The governance of the school was put under a secular Board of Trustees …


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