Wheel of Misfortune



Personal Safety

Employee Safety


Freshman Studies Module

Personal Safety

Module 1
Module 1: Personal Safety
The University campus and neighboring areas are not immune to crime. Property crime is the most common, but serious crimes against persons do occur. This module will explain some steps you can take to reduce your own vulnerability.

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Module 2

Module 2: Controlling Access and Protecting Your Property
Property crime and crimes against persons can occur where people reside, work, study, socialize, and engage in recreation. In this module you will learn some steps you can take to help safeguard yourself and your property.

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Module 3: Avoiding Alcohol and Drug Use
Intoxication can be a factor in many serious crimes involving college students as alcohol and drugs can degrade your situational awareness and make it difficult to ensure your own personal safety. This module will explain some steps you can take to avoid these types of risks.

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Module 4: Fire Safety
Fire Safety is a critical component to the safety of any institution. The following module will teach you fire safety tips, what to do in an emergency situation, and what you can do to prevent fire issues on campus.

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