Terrorist groups often initiate attacks during the anniversaries of significant events.  This month is the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Though no information has been announced that a strike within the United States is imminent, the potential for terrorism remains.  To help improve our ability to detect possible terrorist threats against our communities, CODE BLUE would like you to be aware of the following indicators of  terrorist activity:

 1. Surveillance: The targeted area is watched and studied carefully by the terrorists. This may include persons recording or monitoring campus activities from positions on or near the intended target.

2. Elicitation: Information is gathered from members of the community that is specific to the intended target. This may be done by mail, phone, or in person.  An example is the questioning of community members regarding details of security measures at the target asrea.

3. Tests of security: Local security measures are tested and analyzed by the terrorists, including measuring reaction times to security breaches or attempts to penetrate security.

4. Funding: Raising, transferring, spending money, which may include selling drugs or stolen merchandise, funneling money through businesses or charities.

5. Acquiring supplies: Necessary supplies are gathered to prepare the attack, including weapons/weapon components, transportation, and communications. Purchasing of these supplies with cash only is another indicator.

6. Impersonation or suspicious people who don’t belong: People impersonating roles to gain access or information and people who don’t fit in or don’t seem to belong in the location.

7. Rehearsal and dry runs: Groups or individuals will often conduct test runs before the actual attack.

8. Deployment: The final and most urgent phase when terrorists are deploying assets and getting into position. Attack is imminent.

 The presence of one or more of these signs may indicate the possibility of a terrorist attack.  Be observant and immediately report these types of activities to 9-1-1.   Such reports can help investigators piece together potential terrorist plots.

Our northern New Jersey/NYC metropolitan area area has numerous potential targets of terrorism: transportation systems, large places of public assembly, industrial complexes, public utilities, shopping malls, educational facilities, etc.